Can't access online features

Anybody please tell me how to fix this shit?

I can’t stand it anymore, I can’t get pass through it unless I try signing in 10000 times, and I have been like that for more than 5 days.

Hi there @GSUser43!

We have a handy thread here that might be able to be of use to you:

I especially suggest to try the delete cache workaround found a bit lower in the thread, under the title “My2k Service Error”.

After deleting both cache files, what exact error did you get?

Hi! My problem is just like this: My2k not reachable stage2
I deleted both the cache files, and instead, I get this:
Something worth noting: After I open the game again, the “cache.m2k” file creates itself again, if that helps.

That’s expected.

Have you tried contact 2K Customer Service? They should be able to help you troubleshoot your connection to my2K further. Our options on the TRS side are limited, and they’re what we suggested in that thread @flamand_quebec13 linked.