Can't access Kala? (X1) (Update now available)


Just wondering if I’m missing something. I have Kala installed, but can’t see/access her in game. TRS having issues with this dlc rollout?


What platform?


Currently trying to get it running on XBone.


Did you purchase the season pass 2?


Yup. Sure did.


Have you tried connecting to the multiplayer servers before trying to see if you can play her solo?


I haven’t tried solo. I just tried an online match after reciting the game and nothing. She’s not even in the profile. I’ll try a solo game quick.


Hmmmm… not sure. I’ll label this as bugs to try and get someone else’s eyes on it.


OK. Thanks. I just checked solo too and no go. I’ll turn in and check tomorrow after work. Hopefully the kinks will be worked out.


I just did some more checking, it looks like it still hasn’t rolled out on XBone outside of Asia regions. That might be the reason.


Ah. OK. Thanks for looking in to that. I’m not very good at digging up details from around this site. Thanks again.


Yes. @MaddCow is correct. Xbox one and ps4 don’t have the update yet in most regions.


Try it in another topic buddy, since this is off topic as all hell :wink: