Can't access dlc offline ps4

This has gotta be a joke. My internet has been down recently so I was just going to play evolve offline. No big deal right? Well I go to select Lennox and guess what? She’s locked as if I never paid for her, along with all of the other dlc characters. I used to be able to play with them offline so what happened? I’ve heavily supported and defended this game since launch so something like this is completely ridiculous. I’ve put a fair amount of money in this game. This needs to be fixed, changed, updated, whatever. It’s not fair to do this to your players that can’t always be in online mode. I’m very disappointed.

Hmmm so it’s just an “oh well, deal with it” kind of thing? That’s incredibly shady. It wasn’t always like this on ps4.

Unfortunaly it’s like that, sorry :confused:

That’s just absolutely ridiculous. It may sound petty but that makes me want to give up supporting this game. Such an anti-consumer model.

It’s not something TRS can fix, I would highly suggest filing a complaint with Sony.

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