Can't access DLC hunters or free adaptations


I’m playing on pc my steam username is Tyle360 plz help me I can’t play with half of the guys in the game


Are you new to the game? In order to get Tier 2 you have to get 1 star with Tier 1 characters. I don’t know why you don’t have adaptations, perhaps @LadieAuPair and @Shaners could help?

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To add to what jev said, have you played online yet. To get access to the adaptations you need to go to multiplayer first (just click multiplayer, you don’t need to play a game online). As far as I know that is how it works anyway. Let us know how it goes. :slightly_smiling:

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So I was wondering the same thing @Jedi_Warrior Do you need tier 2 unlocked to get adaptations?

But if so [quote=“Jev, post:2, topic:84283”]
In order to get Tier 2 you have to get 1 star with Tier 1 characters.
yes this is the answer…

If you didn’t understand I can clarify :smile:

In order to get get tier 2 unlocked, you must play the tier 1 character (First character on screen) and earn a mastery star. Basically all of them is very easy like do some damage. After you get 1 star for every ability, the next character is unlocked… Not sure about adaptations…


Nope, you should get them straight up. Or do you mean, to use elder kraken you need kraken unlocked? Not sure on that account if that’s what you meant. :smile:

Either way at the very least meteor goliath and the t1 hunter adaptations should be unlocked.

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that part…

Just want to know for the other new players… I know tier 1 wasn’t a problem because there can’t be a problem lol

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Never thought about it before, but you raise a good point. Not entirely sure.

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Steve should know :slightly_smiling:

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Sorry meant dlc guys such as lennox jack and emet


You have to buy them from the store.


If you have already purchased them then go to the store and click on one of them. It should ask you to install it if you have already purchased it. If it brings you to a paywall then don’t continue, just go back and let us know what happens. :slightly_smiling:

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It brought me to a pay wall when I already have it

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How did you buy them? Was it separately, hunting passes or do you have the ultimate edition?

It’s still early where trs are so we’ll see if ArPharazon has any ideas when he’s working.


Is this still happening? If so I’d like to help you help get it sorted!


OMG it’s rainbow I contacted 2k support a couple weeks ago and they fixed it for me. Lost my masteries tho on emet, w. Maggie, tech hank, kala :frowning: can’t wait on title update this summer yay


Awww, that sucks you lost your masteries but I’m glad it all got sorted out.

I’m going to go ahead and close this out since it’s resolved.

the title update in the summer is going to be the bomb. <3

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