Can't access collectors edition DLC on PS4


I activated the codes fine, but they didn’t download to my PS4 and they don’t appear anywhere to redownload. They do appear though in my account, but there’s no link to download again, there’s also nothing appearing where it should in the add-on folder when I hover over the game itself. There’s no option in game to download the add-ons that came with it.


Same issue. I cant find the download even though i redeemed the code. I better get my content or will not be happy.


Which content are you referring to? The only day 1 dlc are skins


This. The customize option is greyed out on everything.


Yeah the goliath skin and hunters pack. They’re not anywhere and greyed out.


The hunters pack is for the first 4 DLC hunters that come out at a TBA time. The Goliath skin should be accessible. I’ll do some checking around and try getting back to you guys. Can I get a dev to help out in here? @Matthew @Chloe (trying to tag devs who might not be getting flooded with too many tags like Chris and Phil)


I have a similar problem, I bought the game on my US psn account, however my main account is brazilian, which is the one that has PSN plus, the DLC content appears when I play evolve on my US account but disappear when I’m on my brazilian account, every single game doesn’t lock DLC like that, I don’t see why TR and 2K are doing that, I pretty much wasted 20 dollars (I bought digital deluxe)


I too have this problem, they deluxe edition purchased on my bros account, and it works fine for him, but on my account I don’t have any option for skins


My skins now work for my main system… but how will this affect the new monster release.


The new monster won’t be coming out until at least March. Behemoth (despite a lot of popular belief) is not finished yet. The only real test footage they’ve shown for him still had these plain white beach balls as placeholders for lava rocks on one of his attacks lol. Just keep an eye out on either here or the news feed and you’ll eventually see an announcement for a release date. Sorry I wasn’t much help, did it just randomly unlock or did you have to do something?


It randomly unlocked but its still not in my download list. I understand the monster isn’t ready at all but it makes me nervous that the pack doesn’t show in my DW list if that makes sense. How will the store know im supposed to get it free? What if i have to delete the APP and reinstall. How will i re download my stuff?


I honestly don’t know :confused: I’ll ask around and see if others are having the same thing. It might just be tied into your PSN, that would be my guess. When Behemoth comes out, if you don’t get him, then come back on here. Did Savage Goliath and Behemoth have a single shared code or 1 for each?


Could you ask around regarding my problem?
It seems like the DLC is locked to the specific account I bought the game on.
I have an american PSN and an brazilian one, I can only use the skins on my american account, however my brazilian account is the one with PS plus.
I’d like to be able to use my skins on my main account, if a solution would appear that’d be great.


Are both accounts synched to the same My2K account?


I have the same problem. I don’t think it’s possible to link both Psn accounts to one 2k account though.


I’ll try that and let you know


They had a shared code. It said monster expansion pack


can you please confirm we will get the monster? Im worried lol.


Well, then I’d guess that if it gave you the one, it’ll give you the other seeing as it was a single code :slight_smile:


Can’t link 2 different profiles to the same 2k account.
You see, everything is fine on the profile where I bought it, however that’s not the one with plus, I thought this kind of stuff was supposed to be shared amongst all our profiles.