Can't access Behemoth on my main PSN account



So I pre-ordered Evolve on my US PSN account as I wanted to play the game early and get it a little cheaper. However I primarily use my main Irish PSN account.

When I try to play as the Behemoth on this I can’t pick it as it says to check the store but I can on my US PSN. When I look to download the monster it just says unavailable for the US PSN. And I can’t buy the monster on my Irish account as that won’t be compatible with the US Version.

Is there anyway of being able to play as the behemoth with my main account? I don’t even get why the content is locked to the PSN ID anyway. This seems to be a first.


This is a known issue and @SlabOMeat is working on it with 2k and Sony. It’s currently locked to the account you purchased it on.



Oh I see. Thanks LosSalvatierras