Cant access any new content on XB1


I pre purchased Evolve on Xbox live during the beta. It was the digital delux which includes the hunting season pass and because it was a preorder it has the behemoth as well. Started my game up earlier after the update and nothing. Evolve tells me I need to purchase the hunting season pass for the content and that I don’t have the behemoth either. Anyone else with this problem? I’m seeing absolutely nothing on the internet for this so it could be something I’m totally missing.


They have a post for you. It involves reaching out to the customer service of the retailer you purchased from. In this case: Reach out to XBOX Live Customer Service. They need to apply your pre-order key.


I seriously need to contact xbox live for this? wow this is a pain in the a**.


If your pre-order code is missing, you have to check with the retailer that it was issued to/through. I got mine just fine on P.C., but I can respect that there’s a lot of problems with it.

TRS doesn’t assign the keys I don’t think. They’re the developers. I think there was even a pop-up that you have to have closed when you entered the forums today warning you about the large patch and what to do if you don’t get your code.


talking with service now. we’ll see what happens next.


Xbox content won’t be available until 5 pst(?).



It isn’t released on XBone yet. Don’t waste your time on the phone.


Correct. Adding to Jeff’s post, there are two issues:

  • New characters will be locked until 5PM PDT (4 more hours) (PS4 & XB1)
  • Some players cannot access the Behemoth for free after having pre-ordered. (PC so far)

We won’t be able to fully know if we have the second problem until the first problem is resolved…


alright so you guys are saying they added them into the game, i.e. being able to see them in loadout screens and tips for them on loading screens, and play the new maps rite now but you cannot access the characters yet?


I finally managed to download the dlc, now it is saying I need to got to the store for behemoth and now cannot re enter my code as it has already been used :frowning:


Yes…It will be unlocked at 5 PM Pacific


That’s what I’m saying Fatboy. It’s really trippy.


Yes, that’s what we’re trying to say.


Ahhh ok, does that include behemoth then as I believe I read that people were using him


believe I read the same thing. It’s probably streamers who get early access to it like ghostrobo and such


This includes Behemoth? Because I preordered and still can’t play him.


well on a lighter note. What do you guys think of the new maps?


Looks like it, those guys in the know (read: those who aren’t a panicky wuss like me) have it figured.

Patch can be downloaded right now, including new characters and behemoth.

Can be seen but not used till 5pm PDT which at my guess is about midnight in the uk