(Canon) Got some Lore - The Dam



I just witnessed some great dialogue between Val and Hank in ‘The Dam’ map from tonight’s stream.

Val asks how the Dam gets built

Hank says it’s the same technology used to build the Fusion Plant, same tech, same company (which is I assume is NORDITA due to the logo prominantly displayed).

Hank also states that the Hydroelectric Dam is built back on Hub and is FLOWN out to space and spends a year in Cherenkov space.

Hank continues on how it then floats around in space over a planet looking for a location for it to land and then settles down to a location. So the Dam is sort of like a flying spaceship.


It looks like each map will have it’s own backstory or lore that we learn about between the characters. Very cool. Most companies don’t explain the lore behind the levels they make, I’m even more hyped for the final release. =D


I also read this in a magazine with Evolve in:

“Let’s say the first map takes place on the tenth map, the Dam, In Evolve’s fiction the celestial HEBO-class hydroelectric dam surveys planets from orbit to identify optimal locations before dropping to the surface and auto-deploying. If there’s a failure in its mechanics, the fail-safe overflow doors open up to release excess water.”

Pretty much the same thing but worded a little differently. I found it really interesting :slight_smile:



You want some deep lore? It’s called a HEBO-class dam, because it’s built by Celestial (who sell it to Nordita). Celestial is a Chinese corporation (although what that means in our setting has more to do with culture and tradition than any legality).

Hebo is a Chinese river god. Boom! Lore!

The completely amazing thing is that information made it from my desk into a magazine without me having to do anything. Pretty crazy. Probably @Chloe working her magic.


I knew that thanks to the MOBA game Smite. =D

Excellent naming choice, fits the concept.


I’m gonna refer to the middle of the Dam as the yellow river from now on.


Gotta love lore in this game…


What’s the Backstory behind the aviary?

Why does it exist?


Cause everybody likes birds :stuck_out_tongue:


I also remember Maggie and Markov talking about the storm repellent tower on that one map, Markov said he and the other Martians dreamed of being able to afford them. Maggie told Markov that if they did the job Markov could start his own colony with plenty of them.


This is pretty cool. I love how deep you’ve gone with the lore.


Industrial Espionage :smiley:


Studying different biodomes but the looks and to study all the birds.