(Canon) - Backstory of each Map in Evolve


okay, cool, I’ll record a little tour of each map. My net is really slow to upload, so they’ll probably be at the rate of about one a day, lol… any particular requests for the first map? =)

Standard Maps

Fusion Plant (in alpha / beta)
The Dam (in alpha / beta)
Distillery (in alpha / beta)
Orbital Drill (in beta)
Rendering Plant (in beta)

Refueling Tower
Weather Control
Wraith Trap

Defend Maps
King’s Fort
Salveron Industries
New Calico
Colonial Water and Power


All it says is; the defenses assume a normal human attack and probably would not be very useful against a horde of alien monsters from another dimension. Which is true!

The fact that the planet is under siege by Monsters of Unknown Origin is purely a coincidence.

Well this is interesting!
Evolve Hunter Stories [Canon] (Latest Story - Kala's Story)

A rank Rajat refueling tower/plant? That’s interesting, I wonder how many “ranks” there are, and if there will be any dialogue concerning bucket and the refueling tower…


Rank-Rajat is the name of a company. Like Proctor & Gamble.


Ahh, totally different than what I was considering.

So I’m guessing they’re behind all the complex AIs and industrial programs?


When Rank-Rajat makes it’s AI’s, are they considered sentient free-willed agents, or are they ‘owned’?

Bucket seems very charismatic and, whilst loyal, as though he is capable of free will.


A very good question. Stay tuned!


the 7 new maps + orbital drill and rendereing plant. the ps4 beta did not get to play those. I have the first 3 memorized to a T.

dont mind the defend maps for now. the hunt maps are what i like. plus this is a GREAT way to appriciate the beauty these maps possess. which while being chased or chasing wildly. is very hard to do :frowning: so i say thank you good man!


Okay, that’s cool, I’ve just recorded and started uploading a Wraith Trap map. I was playing as Wraith so that I could escape the hunters quickly if I needed to, but I think the blinking about may be a bit disjointed, so I’ll record the next on Goliath or Kraken.

Unless you have a preference for another map, I’ll do Refueling Tower next (I love that map!).

[quote=“kyronr600, post:26, topic:30572”]
this is a GREAT way to appriciate the beauty these maps possess
[/quote]Absolutely, ever since I played in the Big Alpha I’ve been in love with the maps, lol, they’re amazing. The Wraith Trap map video is just over ten minutes long, and is basically me starting at the middle, moving around and looking at the paths that lead to the edges of the map, then winding my way around the map and back to the centre again… To some people I’m sure it’s boring, but I really like getting my head around how the maps connect together… and it’s helping me learn them too, so it’s doubly useful ^.^


I uploaded the tour of Wraith trap, it’s here;

I’ll also be putting them onto my map thread;

EDIT - Hmm, the video looks jerky / jumpy to me… anyone else? It’s odd, as the source video is smooth, and my other uploads aren’t like that. Very annoying >.<


Looks okay to me, and my computer suuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.


Oh, okay, that’s good then, must be something up with mine, maybe a browser or codec issue. Thanks ^.^


holy shyt wraith trap is HUGE!. the intricate map designs are insane on this game. its so beautiful lol.


How much did ebonstar get their ass kicked for them to be THAT desperate ?


EbonStar are the best. But they’re the best at fighting off Corp Pirates and Hub. None of that is worth a damn when your enemy are rampaging aliens who just APPEAR wherever they need to.


Yep… ebonstar… so good… yet get their ass handed in 1 week, you would expect more from the best.


@Matthew just said the aliens came when they need to.
-gets out Agent Smith coseplay-
We need to talk Mr. Anderson.


You… You’re so sneaky.

I will NOT underestimate the sneaky.


I just found out from a dialogue trigger that the Aviary is around 20 years old. The more you learn :smile:

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