Cannot reconnect to the game when your internet fails/game crashes



If you are playing as a team, and suddenly the game crashes or the internet connection fails, you cant actually return to the game. Or do you? I mean, if I’m playing with friends and get disconnected, I have to wait until that game ends. And worse, a Bot replaces the frend, and it means the team get weaker.
Any way to solve this?


Yeah, this was how it was before the game moved to F2P, I’d love it if they can make it so you rejoin the game you got kicked out of. Technically you need your friend to re-invite you in to be able to get back.


But that is impossible during the match, and a monster against 3 humansonly (with a bot) isn’t fair. I remember a player could assume a bot in-game, but that seems not possible f2p


I am not sure I’ve seen anyone join in on a game I’ve been in to fill a bots space, I agree! I don’t know what the deal is with this.


I posted the same topic in the Sugestions. By the way, why is your name filled with white collor?


People who were on the forums before the game went Free to Play are classed as “colonists”, a special status for those who were around while the game was in its previous state :slight_smile:


I see. I had the game, but didn’t used the forum :open_mouth: !