Cannot Purchase Wraith Skin


Hello! I am trying to purchase the Wraith clownfish skin from the in game store, as it is not in the steam store for some reason. When I attempt to do so, it tells me it cannot be purchased with a credit card and must be from a steam gift card. It offers the abilty to add a 5 dollar increment, but i’m just trying to get the skin.



Try to connect your number to your account, so you can buy like that? That’s how I pay for steam content.


What do you mean?


He’ll be able to help you more than I can, I believe.


I don’t see a way around it either. It requires you to put money into your steam wallet. I’m not thrilled about it. I prefer to pay exact amounts and not have funds sitting places I can’t use.


I don’t have to put funds into steam, they remove it from the account.


I’ll just paste my another post here.

Well, those aren’t really DLC. Those are considered as IAP (In-app purchases) which can not be gifted. As Evolve’s store has an option where “you buy the skin and equip immediately” unfortunately there’s no way to make them stay in your inventory.

For example, you can purchase the skin packs or the hunting season itself and gift them to someone else if you already own it.

Since Steam has no way to check whether your 2K account owns this type of skin it has been disabled. Because if you wanted to purchase that single skin and then gifted it to someone, well it wouldn’t work. Steamworks can’t check my2K’s data.

Again, you can buy the whole skin packs but no single skins.

Additionally, Steam Wallet works the same way as any other digital wallet. You put the money in it and you can buy anything from Steam, Steam Community Market and so on. You can’t take out the money, that’s the problem.

You can charge money into your Steam Wallet from here: