Cannot play/purchase behemoth? (founder)



I’m not able to select the behemoth when in custom games, and there is no purchase option like gorgon, is it unlocked by another method like goliath/markov? Sorry if this has been addressed already, I wasnt able to find anything on the topic


Hmmm, did you buy Behemoth before now (with real $)? He doesn’t come with the Founders pack.


No, I owned neither him or gorgon before this, but gorgron has a purchase button (6500 keys) where there is no option for behemoth


That is correct. Behemoth is temporarily disabled for being purchased for those who didn’t already own him as we fix a couple bugs to make sure you have a good experience. He’ll be available for purchase in a few weeks. <3


alright, thanks for the reply, perhaps that info should be on the character menu?


I think we do need to make it more. Thanks for the feedback!