Cannot play Evolve due to my2K login bug


I tried deleting precache.m2k and cache.m2k and then restarting the game, but it doesn’t seem to work. As long as this is an issue, I am screwed for luck regarding playing this game again.

Any other ideas?


Is this Stage2 or Legacy?


Stage 2. My apologies for not being specific.


Stage 2 is dead.Go to Steam and right click evolve/properties/betas/and put legacyevolve

After that you download 40gigs and you can play either with bots or make a lobby with others and play P2P


Due to the servers being axed, you can only play legacy, if you own a legacy key for PC, follow the instructions above, and join up on this chat.
Games are run nearly all the time.


there, since you’ve missed it


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