Cannot party with a friend


Since Evolve Stage 2 was launched, this is the first time I wanted to party up with a friend. He joins my party, then we go into matchmaking. Once we find people, I don’t even know what happens, the matchmaking resets and my friend is kicked out of the party with the next message: “Lobby is full”. I then get a full party of people. Like wut?

Then when he makes the party and invites me, I accept and I get kicked out instantly: “Multiplayer session has ended.”

Anybody knows anything about this?


Both of you, try to restart the game and join each other. Once that has happened and you have played a game, to avoid getting kicked out of the lobby again, see this temporary workaround: Workaround - How to Keep w/ Your Party

But dont worry, the devs know about it and are working on it.


I’ll have a look at that workaround.

Also, I did restart the game (just me) and still did not work. I’ll have another attempt a bit later, thanks for the fast reply.


We are working on a fix for this issue.