Cannot launch game CryEngine Error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED


i have yet to successfully launch my game i get this error every time.
and since “new users cannot upload images” a screenshot of error + system specs uploaded to my steam profile.

also would like to add i was in the Evolve[Closed beta] and the game launched fine.


This has been reported multiple times already. Not sure what it is though. Someone else is going to need to help you here


yeah i seen lots of DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG posts on steam not to many “REMOVED” i hope to get a solution soon though i would like to open the game for the 1st time lol.


Have you tried verifying the files in case something is missing?


yeah i downloaded the game completely again 1st then did the verify


Not much i can say on this.That’s nothing to do with options.Usually things are fixed with using the command -autoconfig in steam launch options and all the options would be put in default.But i’m 99% sure this won’t work for you.Something is clearly wrong with Cryengine.Not sure can’t help ya bro :confused:


After looking around every cry engine game seems to have this issue with some users. I’d start with reinstall drivers, disable any/all overclocks/crossfire/sli.


I’m getting this error as well. Any time there is a tutorial the audio skips real bad and the fps drops really low and the error comes up. I would rather not wait another hour and a half and uninstall and reinstall it but I don’t know what else to try.


I get this same error.
I played the first day with no crashes.
Then the second day I have crashed a lot.
I am able to play one or two games then I will crash for the next few.
Windows has been reinstalled, etc.
Driver version doesnt seem to matter.
It only happens in this game :((


I just got a Device reset error now…I seem to be getting them all :((


Any chance you guys got 32bit OS?


I am having the same error. It worked the first time i launched perfectly without even a hint of bugs or glitches or lag. I have a 64-bit operating system. I re installed the game, and after that the game ran a single time and them after that would not launch. I have GTX 860M and the pc is new so cant have any problems like the paste is old. I tried rolling back a driver and all that did was the game started with Hurrendous lag and with no tuxtures on anything and just the models. After a few minuts of that the game also crashed. This is completely something to do with the new drivers from Nvidia which i want them to fix, because i have been excited for this game for soo long and i spent a lot of money buying it and now i just cant play it at all.

here is my specs and the error


There is an option somewhere there to change the options right?In Nvidia Experience you can choose for example resolution v-sync and stuff like that before entering the game.

Try mess with the options before opening the game.Put a lower resolution for start,close vsync,put some options in medium some on high.Just mess with them and then try reopening


On cpu side i should enable or disable the hyper thearding ?


64bit here