Cannot launch evolve on PC!


got the game, installed and everything without a problem. yet i cant launch the damn game whether its from pressing play on steam or using the desktop icon etc… it says “Preparing to launch Evolve” in a little popup window that disappears after a second then nothing… no Evolve showing in task manager absolutely nothing happens. Ive rebooted and reinstalled and still nothing… anyone else suffering the same problem and found a fix? its so frustrating i havent been able to play all day


Have you tried Verifying the cache? Right click on the game and select properties, select the Local Files tab and then select Verify Integrity of Game Cache.


it worked! thankyou, damn wish i had asked this question earlier in the day… wasted an entire day of evolve game time lol. Thanks


Happy to help! Enjoy the game!


Thanks! I was having the same problem and this has fixed it!
Time to go eat some hunters!