Cannot fully download game


I preordered the game on ps4, and of course was met with the “downloading full game” bar. Got stuck on 87%. I deleted and re-installed. Now i’m stuck at 68% I have left my ps4 running, I have tried everything. I have read other people reporting this and did what they suggested. Nothing is working. I PREORDERED, and still cannot play the game. I am so very close to demanding a refund. VERY unprofessional, clearly rushed.


I was having the same issue last night. bought the game digitally from PS Store. Wen from 43% to 51% after play a solo match a couple times… would be nice to know if this is related to the scheduled PSN maintenance or if its a bug in the game…


Sounds like a PSN issue, but connection could always be at fault too…


thats definately a Psn and connection issue.


IT’s not a connection thing, I’ve tried EVERYTHING; erasing the whole game and re downloaded it, erase it and keep intro playing for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 12 hours, quit the app and then keep looping the intro for the same periods as before and still … it is downloading the game at either 68%, 73%, 78% or 87% , always one of those numbers. (of course after finishing the solo thing)

Really, is there any way developers are going to fix this??? I was looking forward to the release of this game ONLY TO FIND OUT I WON’T BE ABLE TO PLAY IT!