Cannot find a match


Hello, I play on the xbox one and have had zero luck finding a match; game will just search forever. (Allowed it to run for 15 minutes)

I played the beta and never had any issues. I bought the digital deluxe edition near the end of the beta so i could play right when it came out.
I have two Xbox Ones, and my brother bought a hard copy for the other xbox (though I believe cloud downloaded my digital onto his xbox as well).
We have different accounts and he had some luck finding matches, though not always. So he uninstalled my digital copy and just downloaded the disc to see if that did anything. It did not.

This does apply to solo queue and with friends; neither will work.
Also, neither of our beta’s progress carried over.


You had to sign in with My2K for that.

As for the rest, this is a known bug and is being investigated as we speak. Sit tight. in the meanwhile, try playing some customs! They are a lot of fun and you can unlock your favorite characters easily.


What do you mean this is a known bug?


Matchmaking is currently buggy as hell, but TRS is working on a fix. Should be here soon enough.


Do you have a source?


Look on the official thread for bug reports- and the dev tracker.


Well I did make a My2K profile, though I don’t think I did in beta…so I’m assuming out of luck.
Dang >.> Was finally at the last progress for Laz to get his Elite skin.

I assume out of luck if I didn’t make a profile during Beta?


Sadly, that is the case. Only character unlocks carried over though, so it isn’t so bad!


Ah alright, shame.
Though just wish I could play!!!

I sent a support ticket…but that is more like some dude that plays than actual support.
They said to back out and retry; and how it works for them usually… which does not work for me.