Cannot find a game for my monster placements

Idk what happened to the matchmaking but i cant find a game for monster placement matches i payed 60 dollars not mentioning the skins and…DLC i bought for this game, but this is really frustrating i can find hunter games but not monster and i love playing monster

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There is already a thread up. I have the same issue. Since monsters are more than 20% of the playerbase we have longer wait times. But in addition to that, Monsters who are not yet placed are ignored by the system and will never be able to play vs Hunters. I have waited over 2 hours on PC and never gotten into a game. Not even changing the steam download region helps. If you want to play Monster you have to play Arena or Evacutation. But unless this get fixed we unranked monster players will never be able to play.

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That is not true. It doesn’t ignore unranked monsters. Monsters make up a huge population. Sadly though PC doesn’t have a huge player base

Huh, I’m on PC North America and I got placed. Is this a new problem?

It’s kind of a hit or miss problem it seems. Some monster players do just fine…others are stuck at the search screen forever.

There devs are aware of this and they are working on it friend. Please provide information about this issue in this thread:

But please, in a civil and friendly way :smile:

Thats the only thing that would explain it. Have you ever played vs an unranked monster after the first 1 or 2 days of the patch? I have not. Also if you look at twitch streams ranked monsters have a 5-10 Minute queue time. Meanwhile unranked monsters like me do not find a match during a 2 hour search ON A WEEKEND with player peak. Can you really believe that ranked monsters do not have priority over unranked ones? I can hardly believe so.

Yes. Last night. I haven’t played today yet though. I will let you know.

Hi guys, my in game username is Connavar and I’m experiencing this also. Unfortunately, I must also admit I have tried finding a new game of Evacuation and continually get thrown into one of the middle rounds as an abandoned monster. It’s a shame such a novel game is let down so much by it’s game finding method.

I’m on the same boat.

Yea it sucks man. Since 8 days I have been trying to get a single Monster match in Hunt. I have probably been in queue for more than 4 hours in total. Didn’t find a single Hunter team. And still no official statement on when this gets fixed.