Cannot customize any Hunter, Monster, or Gun! (Own Digital Deluxe Version)


I have the pre-order season pass and I bought the Gun skins for the Trapper and the first day I was able to equip the magma skin I think and since then the customize button has been grayed out and have not been able to change any skins since then. I have tried re installing and verifying cache and none have worked. I have also contacted support with no response. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP or I will be forced to ask steam for a refund. I spent a ton of extra money to buy the DLC, and Season pass and pre-order bonuses and not having access to them is like not having them at all, so why should I pay for it.


It is a known server side bug on 2K’s side. They are working on a fix now. In the meantime, you can report what happened on their website to help them get more details, and submit a support ticket here ( ) to get help with your lost content.


I already sent in a ticket and have gotten no response. (edit a few hours later) Mine works now, I tried un-clicking the dlc in the steam settings, and then the game updated (sort-off qued itself for an update then unqued), and then i re-clicked the DLC and the skins started working don’t know if it was a coincidence or a fix since I think i tried that before. but thought I would let everyone know.