Cannot Connect to in progress games


Any time I try to connect to a friend’s game, I get “lobby is full” This happens anytime I try to join a game in progress specifically, even when I previously connected to the game, it would consistently give me this error. There’s usually a slot open in the games I try to join, and my friends can confirm that. Typically I try to join @MidnightRoses, @Shin, and @Donut, but they have to back all the way out to setting up a game before I can join their party.


Twice this happened, once a couple days back and once today; there was a bot in the lobby, yet Pythios could not join.

I know that a player wasn’t joining because I invited him once at the beginning of the match, he told me it said Lobby Full- I surmised a player was in the middle of joining. Nope. Ten minutes later, no player joined. He still cannot load in. When the game ends, only four people in the lobby. It was not full.

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Some of the connection issues are annoying. O.o

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Oh, nearly forget the customary Shaners tag.

@Shaners I summon thee!


Oh, derp. Thanks.

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