Cancelling out of an ability while you are the monster


Is there a way to cancel out of an ability while you are the monster? For instance, if I am planning an abduction as the wraith and I am in the aiming phase, can I cancel that without using the abduction ability?


No, not yet anyway. But you can aim for a close wall which doesn’t count as an attempt.


Good to know, thanks.


I dont think that concept would be a good idea. While it may raise the skill required to play and can make for some really cool moves, it would put that hunters at a disatvantage. Because if you see Goliath taking a Rock out of the ground or Wraith Charging an abduct, they have to use their jetpack fuel no matter what.


Just make Goliath commit to having to toss the rock. Wraiths abduct is no where near so good that she shouldnt be able to cancel it. Pick and choose certain attacks to be cancel-able and some to not.

I’m honestly blown away by the lack of this feature tho. Its pretty bad that its not in.


Sort of unrelated, I would like to prime my mobile arena before throwing it to cut down on deploy time. Might help with battling wraith


Wow never thought of that and I totally agree that soundly have a cancel option now.


I’ve been really struggling as a Goliath because of this, the inability to cancel out abilities is really messing me up.
Being locked into having to throw a rock, when the target has already moved out of range for example, just feels dump, why can’t he just drop the rock and go his way?

Same thing with Leap Smash, there is no reason why the Goliath would have to commit to that leap, he could simply chose not to jump.

Imho the sneak key could be used as the “cancel ability” key, at least that’s what i expected how it would work :confused:


The Kraken should have some kind of feigning or canceling mechanism to his stuff, I’m thinking with Lightning Strike for example.