Cancel Wraiths capture skill


How do i cancel it? Its usability seems lacking since if I’m trying to be sneaky and my target walked around the corner i have to cast it anyway and make bunch of noise and give myself away.


I haven’t unlocked wraith yet, but from watching some youtubers it doesn’t seem like there an option to cancel your abduction currently (I could be wrong though)


I just tried ways to cancel and there is no way to my knowledge


Yike! a bit silly, hopefully turtle rock hears this.


Personally? I think it’s fine. If you allow a way to cancel early, it will sooner become a means to cover half the map in only a second or two rather than used to abduct.

Wraith is slippery enough as it is, she doesn’t need an instant tele across the map :wink:


That is not what he meant. When you hold the key to use capture he wants to not use it. Not stop minway.
I have the same complaint, had a good capture chance and missed it by a bit. So I had to very slowly move with the capture aim on around a corner and ultimately missed my shot.
It did cancel after 10s or so though.


Ah that makes more sense. Yeah I’d be for that. It is pretty annoying when the shot is no longer valid, but you’re stuck either using it on a wall or waiting out the auto-end


By capture, I assume you mean abduction. Just aim it at the ground.


You can just aim at the floor or a wall and you’ll use the ability pretty quickly. You can also wait and time out the ability which takes about ten seconds.


But 10s is alot of time wasted and firing into the ground wastes the cooldown. I want to be able to change my mind, maybe warp once and then use it again. Or can’t I do this because it almost lets me fly?


Nope, if you miss the hunters can punish you hard.


Aiming at the ground is what i usually do, but… one it makes noise, and if I’m trying to capture its a given that I want to be sneaky and that i’m in range of hunters hearing me. Also it goes on cooldown which means that i waste time.

This whole thing seems like an usability issue than a design choice.


Tested this in solo, you can cancel it if you look straight down. Cancel as in, you can reuse it immediately.

However, I don’t believe you can cancel if you’re not on the ground. You can wait until you slowly sink to the ground, then cancel. Depending on how high you are, you might auto cancel before you get to the ground.

Edit: A wall works as well if you are close enough to it.

Edit 2: Lol a big creature (one that you can’t abduct) works as well.


Just do it near some of Maggie’s harpoons that’ll canel it :]


Thx man I will try this, should work fine as a cancel I believe.

Also, @Thelasthunter not the cancel we are talking about, while holding its activation key we want to NOT use the ability at all.