Can your smell ability detect cloaked hunters?


such as the supports team cloak or Lazarus


No you can not! The invisibility also quickly sprays you with a shot of animal urine so you can mask your human scent :stuck_out_tongue:

for real though invisibility cant be detected by scent


Before making a new thread for just one question look around the forums for threads that are all about asking questions about the gameplay in Evolve. Not trying to be rude, just want the forums to be a tidy place :smile:


Just to give a more complete answer, while you can’t smell stealthed hunters, you can smell their footprints, see their jetpack bursts, and see a silhouette if you catch them on fire. Stealth is strong, but there is counter play.


@PeirsPryce @Takran thanks for the answers @Plaff you can close this topic if you want since it was answered