Can you see what I see? (Never before seen badges)

The stance is almost the same, but to be honest, I don’t think that’s Cabot.

Looks like griffin mixed with cabot

New trapper? Looks like a trapper, has the build

Does have a Griffin-like hat, and a narrow harpoon-like thing.

I still think it could be just a general hunter silhouette, no one specific. Maybe just an old concept.

You’re right. Huh, not much to go on but it does seem to be a general combination of existing hunter characteristics.

But, that’s what I said, he said it wasn’t cabot

looking at it the picture has a poon gun and a hat, wonder who that could be?

But that’s not what the harpoon gun looks like, it’s not that skinny

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I don’t think it’s Griffin. The hat would be more noticeable and Griffin doesn’t have… Whatever it is this one has on his back. Then again, it could just be some old Griffin silhouette they just reused. Iunno.

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but wasn’t griffon a robot before?

The silhouette looks really weird, if it’s thin then the way he’s holding it is making me cringe, if his body is covering the big part then the gun shape is strange

The weird shapes at the end of te gun is making me think of a sound wave gun like it’s a antenna, yes I know antennas don’t shoot sound waves just what I was thinking about

Meh, the specifics don’t necessarily matter, that would be an original concept if that was the case.

Assuming that silhouette is in fact anything special.

Could be an early Griffin but why would they do that?

I don’t necessarily buy into the concept of that being Griffin. I thought it was Cabot before I took a closer look. Now I don’t think it really is anyone in particular. It doesn’t seem to match any of the tier 5 silhouettes either.

Well the think on his back seems to mathv with the new trapper, and the new trapper does wear a hat, someone post the picture!

Yay google images!

I didn’t want to bring it up without having the picture in front of me, but the styles don’t match up, between the silhouette from the gif and any of the tier 5’s.

It does to me, look at the trapper he has his weapons holstered strapped across his back and he has the hat

Exactly. The hat styles don’t match up at all. Neither do the protrusions on their backs. There are also plenty of other distinct details from the t5 silhouette that don’t match, such as the bits along the arms.

We’ll have to wait and see but it’s the only thing that makes sense to me, I hope I’m right

Just took this from the new Hunt 2.0 knowledge drop. Definitely looks like Griffin to me now that it looks more clear.