Can you see what I see? (Never before seen badges)

Continuing the discussion from Hunt 2.0 Knowledge Drop:

@Miel recently posted this GIF in the linked topic. We can see a distinct Japanese Samurai styled-emblem! As well as a hunter silhouette with the words ‘Determining Rank’ underneath. Exactly what this means, however, is still up in the air.

She also mentions that new badges can be unlocked for hunters and monsters based on criteria from the new Hunt 2.0 ranked mode.

Can’t wait to see what else will be revealed in the coming days.


and that badges come from ranked mode achievements. so that could be the bronze badge lol.

@Miel is female :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that the GIF shows a set of distinct badge-styled emblems, which I believe come from that.

I edited the OP when @TheMountainThatRoars informed me of this.

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OH i see what u mean now.

hmm maybe

oh hey under where that hunter sillouete is it says determining rank. so thats not a new hunter its like a placement emblem for ranks.

Oh, nice catch. I’ll edit that out of the OP.

Its a samurai mask that’s awesome

It does look rather interesting. O.o Like that plant one from before, as well…

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When the silhouettes for tier 5 were first revealed I remember someone bringing up that they felt the overall head shape of the trapper was reminiscent of the a samurai. I would tag them if I knew who it was exactly, but the new emblem seems to lend some credibility to the idea.

Yes that’s awesome though we got a samurai :slight_smile: and I bet this the same kid in the voice clips we got. I bet he’s gonna be similar to chad from kids next door lol. A young kid rocking a samurai suit

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idk if i want to be monster during hunt 2.0

Can you link me that Roses?

Nooooooo idea where it is. Somewhere around here though…I really don’t remember, sorry.

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meh its cool

Found in a post from @MrTalha from way back when.

@MidnightRoses @EyelessWolf


Oh tanks dude

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That silhouette is Cabot (looks like railgun and his Support flashlight). Could also just be a general Hunter silhouette that is just similar to Cabot. Don’t think this has speculation relevance. :smile:

From what I can tell it definitely is Cabot. I has quite a bit of experience looking at that figure. That said, I would say it does have relevance, if pertaining to the new game mode if nothing else,

Probably just that Cabot is the Crew’s leader, so making him the Hunter matchmaking default/undetermined “badge” makes sense. And I figure the situation is either he’s loading in and the server is retrieving the information OR it’s their first time playing, so they have no rank to find. Nothing deeper than that, in my eyes.

But the samurai badges are pretty awesome. I love blacking out parts of a badge and putting a bright color on other part to make cool effects, so I’m definitely going to have fun with those since they look like they have 2-3 coloring sections. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Does the red/white/black one have a new background, too? It looks like a current one and a new one at the same time.