Can you please stop picking quira?


I have never won a single game with a quira in my team.Please stop picking that useless hunter

When a goliath is jumping around,throwing 600 damage rocks on your face and charging at you,the last thing you want to do is stand still inside a small circle.Stop picking quira.

Even if you do stand in the circle,the healing is so bad that the monster outdamages you by simple meleeing without using any abilities.Stop picking quira

On the other hand,if you fire multiple fields so that we can move while being healed,the healing is pathetic cause it’s not stacked.Stop picking quira

And yes,this is semi-venting.Stop picking quira


I honestly have no idea how to effectively prevent downs with her besides the obvious timing shield during burst combos and using her Heal Burst. Trying to get people to stay in the healing fields and stacking it or try to when they’re getting knocked around is annoying.


But I love the Pink Ranger skin :joy:


quria is objectively only useful verus kraken, good monster would knock the one they focus out of the field anyway. that’s why if you don’t use double reload to quickly reapply fields, you’re playing her wrong. (and that’s also the reason pub quria tends to be super weak because people don’t pick reload perk for reasons



… And an other thing is you see nothing when Meteor Goliath is picked, too much effects then. Quiras Healing/Damage fields and then add to it MG attacks your screen is flashing and glowing like a DISCO!


LOL that’s true

Have you seen pre-nerf wraith doing supernova and warpblast while being hit by stasis? I literally looked away from my screen to avoid getting 5 kinds of myopia


She is one of those ‘‘can work only IF’’ characters so yeah it’s not for uncoordinated matches but since everyone is only referring to Goils and just to be fair you have to admit Goliaths are a super counter pick for Quira with 3/4 knockback skills, so team is extra hard to stay around a place. Also you are still supposed to dodge a rock with Quira , just saying X-D.


true, dont think i ever lost to her.


She’s definitely a tricky one to play as/alongside, but I wouldn’t say Quaira is ‘useless’. Having recently brought her and played a few games with a Hank, she can put out some decent healing in a pinch. She’s great against Kraken too.

The problem is that she requires more skill of everyone involved to be good, and let’s face it; co-ordination is a rare sight in pubs. Thus in some ways OP is right, I wouldn’t recommend her in most pub games. She’s more of a premade medic.

Her other big weakness is that she has no burst and so (a bit like Emet) her healing has to ‘wind up’. Most pubs run straight at the monster, headless of the consequences. Which is a problem as in a dome, the team needs to set up around Quaira and let the monster come to them.

So yeah, too challenging to work well in pubs but isn’t actually a bad medic.


She has amazing potential. It just takes a coordinated team and suitable team comp to pull off.

But tell people not to pick her is a little ridiculous, don’t you think?


As a person that is that one guy that picks her once and a while… she is one of the better medics. Her healing field can manage around 89/s when they are stacked and with reloading perks that can be easily reproduced where ever you are being knocked to. For those stupid little high damage abilities she has a damage shield that is team-wide and when timed right can completely mitigate that rock, and if necessary the assault could take the hit as he has his own shield. If you play her right and well with a competent team you could pull off a larger aura of healing by spreading out the distance between the three without having them separated from each other allowing for more healing to be done. Having to stay in one place is stupid, which is why a Qaira should instead place her fields to where you are GOING instead of where you are, which from what I’ve seen most don’t and thus end up dying. I mostly win with her after having played many games with her (unless I was just out of it the whole match and fucking up). She is one of the hardest medics to play properly so most fuck up and give her a bad name, however, she can be extremely powerful if you have a good team.

ps. Nothing beats Slim… Slim beats everything…


God damn I started that reply when this only had one reply… ;-;


Only 89 a second after 3 grenades? Why not just run regular caira and get 125 a second with less down time(reload) and less hope that a monster doesn’t just push them out of the field?


EMET beats everything with 24k healing


When I play them back to back I notice a difference between the two… Qaira can pull off constant 89/s healing between anyone who is in that field at the time of playing, meanwhile, Caira has those few seconds in between shots that the monster can pull off extra damage, and eventually during a reload period (so be it short) that you are losing potential healing. BOTH ARE GREAT! However, Qaira just needs more skill to be played correctly.


Slim currently is the best medic when played right. with a 220 healing burst that can come back nearly instantly and a healing drone that can be sent to hunters 200+ distance away. Remember that it takes time to arm EMET’s buoys and can be targetted once placed. You aren’t stopping the Slim from shooting that monster up. I’ve actually noticed that EMET vs Slim that Slim can keep the team alive longer as the battle constantly moves and the healing burst can keep a hunter that is being focused alive vs the buoy which struggles to keep up after the full burst of a high damage combo (and mind you that you have to reposition if the battle changes which is time without healing)

Still both are good in their fields… However I still love slim more (as much as it pains me to say that when talking about EMET) because one healing drone and some constant healing bursts and downed hunters are right back up


Rookies love Caira. :slight_smile:


i didnt when i started


Quantum’s basically designed only for premades. Taking her in pub matches is a death sentence.


Yup… in pubs most hunter gets panic easily and can’t stay in the circle to be healed… some bad qaira players like to spam the circle without positioning the circle correctly based on other hunters movement

It’s tricky but qaira is a good medic if u played it properly… and I’m still learning her till now