Can you PLEASE make the win screen last longer?


When the monster wins he celebrates with a roar but it only lasts like 2-3 seconds. Could you extend that by a few more so we can celebrate more thoroughly?


(Can’t tell if troll or really being sincere)
I’d rather not. The fact that it took 2 minutes to get into the next game was annoying. The lag time to get into the next game was so long that I wondered if it would be fast to leave the game once the post-game screen showed and matchmake again in a little bit.


To be honest, no thanks.

Sure, it’s only a few seconds but you have a full end match screen to celebrate in.
Those few extra seconds are going to be more annoying than fun I think.


Can you please cut the time between matches by 80%.thanks really appreciate it.


Even if sometimes I’m glad I can AFK bio, must of the time I just wait…painfully. :tired_face: