Can you play the same, When playing as a different gender?


Does playing as the opposite sex in video games make you play differently? I was wondering cause the guy who is behind Final Fantasy 15 said that they went with all male main characters (In the group) because people would play differently if they were women or some of them were. Does it affect how you play?



I never pick female if I have the choice to, I am what I am. If I am forced female then I do not care because that is how it has to be I guess.



I mean if I make a character I always pick male, but if I have to play a female it never changes how I play.

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That sounds ridiculous



This is the internet:

Where the men are men,
the women are men,
and the children are police officers.

So yes… game on, no mercy!



I never feel as immersed if I’m not playing as a male.



It doesn’t. At all. People are really weird on the subject.

I make female characters all the time, since they’re not meant to reflect who I am and are instead fictional characters to be enjoyed like any other. I like female musicians, I like female actresses, I like female athletes and I just happen to also like female wizards, monster hunters and soldiers too. If my Halo character is a girl it doesn’t mean I’m a pervert or I wish I was a woman, I’m just enjoying a fictional character and I don’t give a rats ass who bothers to care why.



Uh, not really? I mean there are more male characters than female in games so I have to play as an opposite sex character most of the time, but I couldn’t care less.

Unless it’s third person…In which case I would prefer a male.



You’re such a pervert Ren.



Ya it makes me feel weird. In games where I have a choice of my gender, I tend to see the characters as an external embodiment of something pertaining to me. So if I chose voluntarily to be a women I can’t help but think that something about me is womanly to have chosen that gender, and I don’t like that feel :/.

I must strong, like ox, and grow beardz
and eat turkey bacon while fight bear

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Are the makers of Final Fantasy implying that their male consumers are playing less aggressively when they are forced to take on a female character in the game?



Nah, prime example is the latest tomb raider game, laura croft and I went Rambo on some mofos



Doesn’t really effect me though if I had the chance pick between playing through a game as Dante or Bayonetta I’d go with Bayonetta. In adverse if it’s a game where I have the option to marry I’ll pick a guy.



It never makes any difference to me. I play as the character I want to play as, that is all.

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I’m a dude but personally, I almost always play as a female character UNLESS the male characters really outclass the females. And no, it doesn’t make me play differently. Hell, I feel the same no matter what the character’s gender is and I don’t see why it should matter. When it comes to games that allows me to choose the player character’s gender, 95% chance I will pick female. This is one of the reasons why I always pick Caira or Val as a Medic but this isn’t as true for other classes.

Immersion-wise, I’m only immersed in the story, not the player character. In fact, I treat the player character like a separate person entirely so if there is something I like or hate about that character, it will stick even if I am controlling them. I guess it is a trait I pick up from being an open-minded writer and screenwriter; most of my Youtube videos have female protagonists. I never, ever associate myself with the main character, even if I am controlling him/her so I prefer the opposite gender for the sake of ensuring that they don’t resemble me in any way. The real me would always be outclassed by the badass men and women in games :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. Firstly, I’m male. In a first person game I don’t care if male/female.

3rd person, always female. ALWAYS. I can’t stand staring at the backside of some guy for 100plus hours. As for final Fantasy… It sounds like they’re starting to suffer from some male complex that Eastern game developers have been showcasing for the entire span of this industry which is Strong female leads are bad and don’t sell well, which is a myth. Laura Croft disproves this.

When in reality it’s a reflection of gamers not appreciating a giant hallway for a game ffx and onwards. Lightnings games were really bad about this.

Actually looking at video game covers of the last decade they’re almost all white strong/burly male protagonists. It’s getting really annoying. Thank God Evolve didn’t follow this.

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Do you paint your nails pink irl and make them look feminine cause you can’t stand staring at your male hands?



My hands are belonging to me. They are mine and I am male. do you stare at men for hours upon hours in real life? I find women hold my gaze far longer than somebody I deem as competition.



As a character in a game is yours aswell and is supposed to represent you. (mmo wise)



A character who doesn’t look like me, doesn’t share my name let alone act like me. Is not a representation of me.

A character in a video game. And I mean character and not that silent hero bullshkavitz. I feel more like a friend guiding someone along an epic storyline. Helping them to their destiny. I am a 2nd person view.