Can you make polls on mobile?


I’d like to know so that here in a weeks time or so I can put up a very detailed poll with lots of variables to see how people are feeling about the macropatch.


Sure can! :smile:


Oooh jeeze, is there no shortcuts? That’s gonna be one of those days…


Mobile has a preview feature btw :slight_smile:


Nope, no shortcuts but like the Sentry said, mobile does have a preview feature to ensure you have it working properly before posting!


Yeah, that’ll help but PC’s don’t have the preview? What the hell, so do people commonly have to edit in case they messed stuff up because they couldn’t see certain things? That’s bizzare


PC’s automatically have a preview pane. It’s a relatively new feature for mobile.


Ah, true cause if not I was about to ask why someone hasn’t suggested that yet…


Make a note on your phone with the poll settings made. Everytime you want to make a poll just copy and paste from the note.


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Huh. I used to know how. :joy:
Edit 2; finally got it. :sunglasses:


Get rid of the second / and move the first one to the front of poll.


Like this [/poll] [poll]


It doesn’t like me. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Your poll works
  • Your poll doesn’t work

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There we go!!!
So I did;

  • option A
  • option B

But replace Poland with poll. :stuck_out_tongue:


What!? There is preview on mobile? This is so helpful.