Can you guys show us a full gameplay from a match soon?


I was wondering if you guys chould give us a video about a full match from Evolve?
From when the hunters start to hunt after the Goliath to they kill the monster.

It have been awsome to see a whole match so people can give better feedback.

EDIT: it is okey if you cant show us


i also would like to see gameplay match footage more entire match would be dream come true i would watch it over and over and over again.


Agreed, I would also enjoy seeing an entire play through as well just to get a grasp of the game even more. I think that the only concern that they might have at this stage is that there are some key elements that are up for debate and thus they are reluctant to post a full game knowing it might change in subtle but significant ways over the next 7-8 months. I for one would be able to keep my wits about me. It would be great however to really envision the area and game-play fully. It might even be nice to have a split screen video of the play through so you get to see all the reactions from both sides. Anyways I am able to wait, for now. :wink:


I’m sure footage of full matches from start-to-finish, from all perspectives, will be online at some point before the game ships :D. We’re just pacing ourselves. It’s still really early in the year :markov:


waiting is just too hard its breaking my heart dude DX


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