Can you guys find any games ´now´?

Curious, because usually at this time I am able to find at least 1 game in like 15-20 minutes. And now I am waiting for like 40 which is unusuall.

So anyone of you got the same problem today or if it is just me?

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I’ve just played 3 games. 1 in Skirmish and 2 as Monster in Ranked.

A lot of the NA servers make it easy to find games. Takes, like, ten seconds on US Atlanta/LA/NY.

147 people on line on PC.

There are, at MOST, 29 full games playing right now

My heart just broke.

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we need another free week

Try Asia sever. We have to wait like half an hour.

I can find a decent amount, can’t actually play that many though. Low silvers back out when they see my rank, and high silvers/golds back out when they see my name.

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Lately I’ve had a few missing slots, but can still find people.


fml… .-.

Don’t worry, you have a 10% chance of it crashing out on you :cold_sweat:

Nah I left the lobby, cause I am about 50 points away from silver 2 stars, so I am realy choosey about my teammates.

Needles to say I havemt found any game since then for about half hour so I quit Evolve and now I am waiting till evening to play at least 2-3 games

playing 4 min ago

what the fuck happened ?

like srsly?

How do you switch server ?

We need Gorgon


This game is D.E.A.D.

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Yup. The November rush of AAA games won’t help either.


It never takes me less than 2 hours to find a match, then when I do get one they back out because they think I only play behemoth.

On Skirmish i dont hv any problems 2 find a match ( PS4 )

I’m hoping after Tier 5 is all fleshed out we see another free week. Honestly a week isn’t long enough for a lot of people to get into a game, if TRS made it free for two weeks, I think we’d see a lot of people joining. Or sweeten the deal with something like, “purchase Evolve shortly after the free week and get Tier 4 for free!!!”
Plus the Ultimate Edition is almost out, it looks like it might only be for consoles but I’m hoping they make it for PC also. We’ve got a devoted community, with very devoted developers, Evolve will be around for awhile I’m sure. Us die hard fans just gota ride out the rough times. :smile:
I’m still crossing my fingers for a sixth tier, might not ever happen but it would be fantastic.

Is it just pc that has a hard time finding games? I play ps4 and can usually find a game easily. The only reason it takes a while for me to find a match at times is because everyone and their grandmother loves to dodge when they don’t get the role they want.