Can you get Reset Bug while only playing Solo?


Can I potentially get the Reset Bug if I only play Solo games with bots? Usually Defend or Evacuation. Level 35 and somewhat close to elite Goliath(2 star done & a bit of 3 star), really don’t want to get reset. Should I stop playing and just wait for patch or keep playing in offline Solo?


You can get reset by playing solo. For example if you’re playing solo and a getting invites you to play there is a high chance you’ll get reset.

Nonetheless a friend told me he knew someone who also got reset even without joining someone, not sure if it was in solo or not, but in all honesty I would wait, I wouldn’t want to lose everything just because I wanted to get a few more challenges in, not worth it in my opinion.


Even if you ignore the invite? I had one invite for GTA Online while playing solo Evolve 10 days ago but ignored the invite.

Is it still a risk if I have Xbox set to Watch TV but Evolve is in the background and I get invites/messages from people? Just gonna play go on my other systems for now if I can’t play Evolve without possibly resetting. Going to stop playing till the patch is out.

I heard people can also get reset while playing online(no party) if the game sends them into a full game. Like when you join but are stuck as Spectator because there’s already 5 players.


No no of course you can ignore the invite without consequences, sorry I should have been clearer.

You run a big risk of getting reset if you accept an invite to join a friend if you’re not in the multiplayer section of the game already, for example if you’re in extras, credits, solo, ect. then you’re at risk of getting reset.

About the tv setting thing I haven’t heard anything about this causing a reset but again, honestly if you’ve put in double digits of hours into this game and if you’re really focused on unlocking elite skins I would hold off until the patch, better safe than sorry.

I also haven’t heard of anything about being a spectator and being reset, I’m on xb1 and have been a spectator before but haven’t gotten reset, there’s a post here that someone made of all the confirmed ways to get reset, I’ll dig around for it.


Another little question. Does accepting an invite into another game(GTA) or just into xbox party chat also cause a reset, or just someone inviting you into their online party on Evolve?

I heard that one guy got reset because he joined game(que’d up alone for Hunt) and everything appeared normal but he couldn’t “take over bot” since it was actually another player. He was accidentally put in the game as a 6th player. Game ends and he’s level 1 again.


ive been playing for several days solo. its not as fun so i dont spend as much time. i also dont have many friends and havent lost progress.

It really seems to be an issue with parties almost exclusively. You could always set yourself to offline when playing evolve solo for the time being. then close it out when done and go back to online status.


These are the confirmed ways to get reset ^^

I believe there still are a couple ways to get reset that simply have no explanation to it, I’ve heard of someone starting up evolve for the first time that day only to find they got reset, so basically playing evolve at any time runs you the risk of getting reset.

I doubt joining a friends party invite will get you reset (I assume you’re talking about the party app). If you’re going to join into another game from evolve just close the game first and then accept the invite.