Can you connect a KB+M in Evolve with a Console? If so, how?


I would love to use a KB+M instead of a controller for my hunter. (Would not help my monster, I love the controller for that).

I was wondering if this is possible, because I heard some one did it, and Im interested.

You know, unstoppable Slim+Mouse


Not sure, thhhooooooooough this happened last year…


I love how that link cuts off at “programmable butt” :laughing:


That URL

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It’s literally the title :stuck_out_tongue:


I know for sure that I can connect my M+KB, but I havent tried programing the keys.


And that’s how I found this thread.


I believe there are KB+Ms you can buy for the ps4. Complexitive/OnlyGoliath uses/has one. It can be quite brutal.


Tagging @EvelShadow because he has one I believe.


@Crowdalra didn’t you say you connected a KB+M to your ps4 ?


Yes, the keyboard and mouse should only work on the dashboard, not in game. The games themselves have to be keyboard compatible on the PS4 because people using a controller would have a huge disadvantage.


So… How do others use KB+M? Because it is possible.


They shouldn’t be able to. Sony hasn’t released anything to allow for keyboard and mouse compatibility on their games. It’s something they’re working on, but haven’t completed because they want to sell their own stuff first.


Shouldn’t is different from can’t. I know someone who has used them on the PS4 against me.


Yeah… It’s really obvious when they never miss :triumph:


This seems to be a pretty popular option that is meant to be work quite well. I’m PC so haven’t tried it but would certainly like to

Is it possible to play on Console with a Keyboard + Mouse?

Then they’re using a third party software that tricks the PS4 into thinking it’s a controller, which is cheating by all accounts.


More so when they tell you in party chat that they tried it out on you XD

@Crowdalra Wouldn’t call it cheating… You can connect a controller to play games on the PC. This is the same but reversed.


That’s interesting. Something like that shouldn’t be aloud. That’s using a secondary system to allow mouse and keyboard compatibility.


Yeah, but the games are meant to have controller compatibility. These games aren’t intended to have keyboard and mouse compatibility.