Can you buff Bucket pls?


I’d like to see him fixed as a support, his launcher is weak as shit. joined a game in progress with 2 strikes i was fighting with him before that . went invis he destroyed my turrets and the video is everything after that. Tell me how bucket doesnt need a buff. He cant even stop the monster from destroying the relay. Give him more missiles or a quicker reload time something. Maybe a buff to his turrets? I know there have been conversations about buffs to his turrets. I.e. longer range, firing until monster is out of LoS… his UAV is fine the way it is

P.s. buff vals sniper


Personally, the turrets are pretty good for everything except fighting kraken. Tiny bit of rocket damage would be good, or maybe rocket speed


I like Bucket as he is, once you get used to him hes loads of fun, especially when paired with Laz. Body campers beware ~.~
Imo his Rocket just needs a slight buff, other than that hes golden.

Neu, Val is fine yo


His rocket should be buffed and I was holding my team down they were dead


Bucket rocket launcher should be thermal instead of laser target
and the little drones, should be:
1: rocket launcher
2: flamethrower
3: gun machine
4: ice ray
5: bubble gum gun (like in The Incredibles movie)