Can you beat a good team Using goliaths slow cumbersome ways?


I have said before about goliath being non-responsive but when in game against a good team (team that most likely play together all the time using mics ) I always seem to get screwed pretty badly, playing bronze players I can toy with them and have some fun, the contrast between a random team and a team that always plays as a team is like playin 2 very different games, generally win against bronze players but as soon as i go near silver the table turns and I dont get enough silver matches and when i do they dont last very long and I dont get to experiment strategy wise,

So how to I beat the shit out of pre-made teams? Cheers


non stop pressure. Im no goliath master, but i managed to beat a full elite premade team in silver expert. What i generally run is 3 fire breath 3 charge with the 20% movement speed perk. Once you find the hunters try and get the jump on them (literally) and isolate your biggest threat( usually medic or support.) then simply charge carry them away from the team + heavy ,melee + fire breath, then just rinse and repeat until there all dead. not the greatest strategy but its simple, fun, and effective in the right circumstances.



  1. Make sure you not only get to stage 2 before they find you so you can be on the run to pick your fight at stage 2, full armour, full health… running feed speed in general (I know some go with movement) as well as knowing the map feeding routes will allow you to do this. As long as you know what you’re doing with Goliath in a stage 2 full armour, full health fight where you get to influence where the fight happens… pre-made or not they’re getting strikes.

  2. If you can’t do the feed speed thing, then cooldown reduction your way through things. You need to be much better at mitigating, and choosing when to combo those abilities in to each other… but having them come back quicker on the basic will mean you can exploit opportunities much better.

1 is how most goliath’s win, 2 is how the remainder give it a good go.


Avoid getting domed in any area with a pillar/tree, Goliath is affected by roaching very badly.

Learn to use sneak pounce in-combat, it helps keeping hunters close to you.

Use the “sliding rock” tip -> As you start falling, you use rock throw so you can deal with hunters climbing up&down.

Don’t put more than 1 point in charge.

Pay Attention to Trappers’ CC, if there’s an harpoon wait for it to hit you or destroy it. Getting harpooned mid-air or while climbing can cost you a serious amount of damage.


Could not have said it better, Stage 2 fights for Goliath are needed to gather strikes and Stage 3 is then a last resort to kind of finish it off (depending on the relay location off course). If domed while at stage 1, better to see it coming and look for a spot where it is preferable to get domed (some form of mitigation as in a loop of somesort)


Goliath isn’t slow nor cumbersome. In fact, he is one the fastest Monsters, and if you sneak, you’re bound to die. You’re better off with the Goliath’s speed and cunning than his stealth and sneakiness.

Fastest other than Gorgon. :gorgon:


Goliath is very cumbursom at times, Sometimes hes agile and other not so much, if you jump and land on something it can actually take some time before he restabilises and hits the ground so you can carry on running, and steps on rock he takes his time on, climing a fence takes longer than it should, Hes like a fat guy climbing and old picket fence and cant gauge the integrity of the fence, The foundry map can be a nightmare for that,

When fighting silver there is not time to sneak, they always use maggie, I dont think I came across a silver team yet that didnt use maggie combined with Laz or EMET, its usually Laz, so no hiding or sneaking happening even slightly, just kept on my toes and get domed before stage 2 gets close, and if you get to evolve that takes so long of a time window the team arent even that far behind, I’m generally getting shot before I can finish evolving and yet domed again, But their smart enough not to dome until I try run by then all hope is gone,

Other than that it can take goliath a bit of time to respond to button pushes, Tried jumping after a battle and boom dead, not saying I would have lived and won but knowing the buttons are responsive makes a huge difference in match, I find it impossible to tell if this button lag is common with Goliath, Xbox or it maybe a router issue causing lag,


Yes. I do in fact win on occasion against premades. It’s doable.


I have only lost like 8 times out of like 300 matches with goliath, hes very easy to use against premades, I use 3 rock throw three firebreath, 2 leapsmash, 1 charge, and damage buff.


I’m not the best monster player bit I hold up well enough.


Goliath is extremely cumbersome at times. Handles like a bus comes to mind. You just have to find how to deal with him best and live with terrain being an enemy (hopefully it will be better in 9.0). If you don’t take MS then his default move speed is a joke. It’s like he’s going for a casual jog so that’s why MS is so popular.

You’re not playing strong teams at all if you’ve only lost 8 games.


I won only maybe 2, one without realising I think but another in aviary, it was a long match and they where pretty good, I only won because I ran for armor as often as possible, I had half of one little bar of health left and at the end I had about a third or less in armor, once I killed emet and he stopped the beacons of health the others began to fall, they had good support to keep their health in check but I was honestly amazed I won, for that whole game it was intense and it was a good match because it was a strong fight. But with other teams I can’t lose them long enough to feed to even stage 2 without losing almost half health at times.

How do you decide who is the weakest link here,? Plus in the midst of it all at time I tend to beat the crap outta support and kill him but was actually trapper I wanted. The name colors get me, something I really need to work on, standing back it can be easy to tell who is who but when you are in it getting bombarded and have a split second I haven’t found the most obvious trait yet


how about when the rock explodes on them and they,re like ‘‘good thing im indistructible’’


I literally never played him without it.

I can’t even imagine the effectiveness of pillars without MS.


If they have abe then it’s just horrendous. I really don’t like how much stuff like stasis and tranqs slow a monster down. It almost stops them.


Abe only ever hurts my play when I want to get to a cliff side and climb it but I don’t want to waste a traversal to get there.


Mistakes and especially bugs even tiny ones can really cost you big time when playing against premades where every the smallest of things can mean the difference between winning and losing.
The game is extreamly frustrating and punishing in this way because players will often feel that they’re cheated by the game itself.

Which is I believe I hate Goliath so much, because the amount of things that he faces from the game itself let alone the hunters are just super frustrating to deal with.

Goliath’s movements at the time being are ok for the most part, but he’s definitely at the bottom of the barrel in terms of reliability.


No ive played pretty good teems before, I just like being good at the game and I tend to be witch makes me happy. Its a fun game and I like wrecking people at times but also getting a challenge. I normally lose health and go for a down at stage 2 before going to stage 3 and pulling a win.