Can we talk dying light?


Ok so I’m planning to get this game and for one sole purpose. I has a zombie versus people mode almost just like a certain turtle rock game nudge nudge wink wink and I really wanna know more about the game as a whole so any pointers/heads up stuff I should know?


It was one of the first games I picked up for Xbox one, and my girl and I played co-op everyday for a couple weeks straight.
We absolutely loved it. There’s a new game plus mode as well that ramps up the difficulty on your next playthrough.
Sadly, I haven’t tried the versus mode to give you any information on it.


I gave it a go at one point just to see if it would scratch the same itch as Resident Evil 6’s Agent Hunt mode did. And for the most part, it was a fun mode, but the downside is that the management of the UV light for the human players seemed to be completely braindead, to the point where all your mobility as a zombie was for naught. So after a few hours I called it quits and went back to Resi 6.


Have you played dead island before? It is very similar to that but with the parkour of mirrors edge.

It is very fun running and traversing the map. I have only played the coop though.


You are going to have a good time. Be The Zombie takes a bit to get used to, but once you get the Spits and other abilities, it is easier.


I just bought Dying light FINALLY last week…I actually put off buying it because it came out around the same time as Evolve and I didn’t have time for both and was putting a lot of time into Evolve.

I loved Dead Island which is basically the predecessor to Dying Light. I totally recommend DL I’m already having fun with it and you can get it for like 20 bucks on one of the non-Steam sites. I will admit I haven’t tried the “play the zombie” mode yet I’m still way in the early stages of the regular storyline. I am a L4D2 player though.

Also…the expansion comes out for it next week.


The zombie vs people mode is really bad, but the game itself is amazing, especially with friends :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If you are on PC. expect a lot of hackers from both the human side and zombie hunter… Be the zombie is the reason I still play Dying Light. There isn’t much else to do once you beat the story… Be the Zombie is fun once you learn how to defend yourself a human or kill as the hunter. I, however, do not like playing the night hunter. He relies too much on spits and the move set is just cheap, but that’s just me. As for the human side, I generally like to face the hunter by myself or with one other person. With 3 other players it’s chaotic and frustrating… Also, a lot of night hunters hate facing 4 people, but there are some good hunters that wreck 4 players. I find it easier to face the hunter alone unless my partners are good. otherwise they are just feeding the hunter. Get the game off a gray market, it’s cheaper and for the price it will worth trying be the zombie. On PC it’s kind of dead too. If you are on a console, then I am not sure.


I tried the game solo and found it pretty dull. Also, the penalties for dying were not fun. However, playing it with friends was pretty fun. The skill trees and weapon crafting are great, but overall, I found the missions and enemies pretty dull.

Be a Zombie mode is where you invade someone else’s game and if I remember right, you try to hatch eggs or something. Meanwhile, they are trying to stop you. There are multiple zones that you either win or lose depending on who hatched/stopped the hatching. It’s fun, but the zombie has his own skill tree and the only way you can work on it is in that mode. So, if you drop into some decent players’ game, they will wipe the floor with you until you unlock some skills.

I certainly wouldn’t buy the game if that’s all you’re intetested in. It’s not like a full on MP mode. It’s just kind of a fun side thing.