Can we talk about the videos real quick?


The intro is nice, the evacuation video good and all…but let’s talk about the character/game mode/monster videos real quick.

I went into the video gallery and found that not only do the game modes have videos, but all the characters/monsters have “advanced guides”. Why are these never autoplayed? I mean the advanced videos would make a lot of sense to be played when playing a character you just achieved mastery 1 with. And the game mode videos would be great for when you select it as the mode(which maybe it does, I dunno, I don’t have an xbone, but there sure wasn’t one for hunt!).

Oh yea, and allow us to skip videos. I understand that people need to be able to learn and whatnot, but us from the alpha/beta aren’t going to want to watch all these videos yet again.

EDIT: Oh yea and there’s a lot of awkward silence in the videos, mostly in the basic support videos.


There actually was an evac video that played after selecting evacuation for the first time. If i remember correctly it just briefly went over the few game modes so you had a general idea of what to expect. You only saw this if you were party leader though.


It only plays once and lasts less than 30 seconds, dude. I think it won’t kill you to watch it one more time.

And i’m fairly certain I saw a loading tip multiple times that suggests watching the advanced videos, so it’s not like one’s completely unaware of them.