Can we stop with the thread merging?


Please stop with the Mountain threads.
They do not increase readership, it deteriorates readership.
This is specifically prevalent with different monster/hunter concepts. Currently they are being merged into a Monster threads with absurd lengths. New readers will NOT read all 600+ posts in a topic to ensure that they are not reading previous functions.

HOWEVER, the forums have a built in detection for similar topics, when a topic is being made, and advise the reader to check out other topics with similar idea’s/concepts.

There have been several threads, that have been shut down due to the excessive server-load. I can start creating citations, if needed. However you only need to see for yourself, Read one of these threads from start to finish, and you’ll feel what each person that wants to join the discussion has to do.
Not to mention, that each separate concept/idea does not receive individual attention.

Yes, i understand that there are times when this is appropriate, such as during patch releases.

The idea is:
If something is a new concept/idea or deserves a discussion (such as monster/hunter concepts) then leave it be.
If something is already being discussed in another thread (such as patch notes or that a specific hunter/monster is op), then merge it and call it a day.
If a post, provides no insight or opinion, and is being discussed elsewhere. Just close it and move on.

Btw, you all do a great job, this is my only issue and i see it repeatedly.

/rant over.


Excuse the topic change.


There might just need to be some more pruning of older threads/posts.


Needs merging into the something random threat? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No, this deserves it’s own topic. It’s fine.


I know, was just joking around


Signed. I’ve stopped following a TON of interesting threads because they get merged into some monster conglomeration of tangentially related discussions that I just have no interest in parsing.


In all seriousness, I can see your point about member created hunter/monster topics. However, allowing separate topics for all of them would have the same end result.

Perhaps we can work on a monthly topic so that the post count isn’t so daunting? Just an idea.


Could we just unlist similar topics but link them to the main topic so if people still want a discussion they can do it there for that specific thing?


For example?


We have the Hunter concept thread, but if people want to discuss a certain Hunter they could do it in the original thread.


A wiki for something like that might not be a bad idea.


We’d leave those threads Unlisted so it doesn’t flood the page, but still allow people to discuss.


Thank you.


There have been so many Monster/Hunter idea threads, I almost feel like it should have its own Community Content category.


On a side node: I really like the “Summarize this topic” feature in this forum.
It easily cuts down a topic to a quarter of it’s posts or less.
Very usefull for those 100+ topics and you only see what you need to see.


dear god there is an option for that? where do i find it?


If I remember correctly, when there’s more than 50 posts in a thread, the summarize button will appear here:


very nice and useful! good to know, thanks !


yea, like my custom hunter thread as closed (no recent replies) however i still update it through the wikiedit button :stuck_out_tongue: