Can we stop the "Its just the first days" crap already?


The hunters are very clearly much stronger than others, minus the few “I win every game vs them” anecdotes that is the exception not the average. I win vs them as well as my main, goliath but that doesn’t mean they are not absurdly strong. Able to scrape out a win does not mean a character isn’t absolutely OP. See wraith for example. Sure you could beat her pre patch, you could trash her easily at times, did that mean she didn’t need obvious nerfs?

The health melting capabilities are nuts and you guys HAVE to know it by now. I honestly believe this whole song and dance of we don’t and won’t know for suuuuure until a couple weeks is just a ploy for sales.

Look at the pro players of evolve, the top tier hunters and monsters who you had given prerelease to in the first place. They just multiply the absurdity of their abilities further because its combined with high skill and this is broadcast for everyone to see on twitch so please just imagine how crappy it is for regular players.

The tier 4 is too much automated winning. An automatic hank shield that requires nothing at all, a get out of jaws free card booster and stealth and extreme damage from a single character is nuts.

Torvald doesn’t even need an explanation he is a walking parnell super soldier. When 4 bars of health melt in less than 10 seconds of a dome you know the team is broken.

Crow’s gobi practically nonexistent cooldown on top of it being echolocation is silly, fix one or the other, preferably the former. Stasis gun. I don’t even know what to tell you. You know its absurd.

Slim LOL healing burst every 3 seconds. Cmon guys.

tl:dr I’m annoyed with the devs pretending that the team is balanced and just “new”. Its blatantly obvious this isnt the case. No monsters in the history of ever had health melt so fast from any other hunter team when playing well. The DPS capabilities need changing, now, not after you raked in sales.


agreed, so lets make monster not smell anymore, now lets cloak now boost trapper to monster and finish with a silent dome. hmm thanks trs, i never see anything coming no hunters, no domes nothing


is it still the first day though?


-Torvald is rather over powered currently yes.
-Sunny is very strong, could use some tweaks but overall a solid choice.
-Crow is actually rather balanced. Gobi really isn’t that great and will have a very difficult time in maps with lots of terrain blocking him. Also crows weapons are around the same for the other trappers, really weak.
-Slim is the weakest of the tier 4 hunters. Able to keep himself alive sure, but not very capable of helping his team.

Behemoth is the weakest of the weak in the 2.0 patch. Easily tracked, easily domed, and easily killed.


Gobi detects you through tunnels and walls of solid rock via echolocation, doesn’t have difficulties imo so I think you are clearly mistaken about terrain block difficulties, cause hes not detecting you by sight. Which I dislike to begin with but I’ll take it. Sadly with the stasis gun, one charged stasis shot and the monster barely ever gets away from my team. Just constantly repeating it.


I remember when Laz was OP


Behemoth is amazing, but he’s hard countered by Sunny (sorta) Crow, and Torvald whose mortars need a nerf.


If the monster is close by sure, Gobi will find him. But from say the start of a match and sending him out, he can be blocked by trees and such causing him to return early. Yeah Gobi is useful, but he doesn’t seem ‘overpowered’ when compared to sound spikes, Daisy, tracking darts, etc. He still seems balanced overall.


lol it was only bad monsters complaining about Laz in the early days.


Agreed, I don’t think gobi OP persay. I think gobi just needs a decent cooldown, otherwise he remains as a abe dart you never have to actually hit with.


Hey I can seriously relate to this as a monster I just about NEVER lose but ever since these new hunters were released playing is a huge hassle


I still say we need to see the telemetry.

There’s one’s experience, and then there is the hard data.

Somewhere in-between lies the truth.


The only one i disagree.

Gobi suck to find the monster, you have to have a clue of where he is before he become usefull.

The stasis gun is not very effective, way less than Abe’s nades, it don’t even put the Kraken down (ok it does but VERY little) Not only that, but he is hard to aim, (same with his other gun). And his ¨rapid fire¨ is useless.


We are doing a lot of Custom games with NO perks against each other to learn to play behemoth better. One of our teammates got REALLY close to killing the T4 team today with Behemoth and we still haven’t lost a match against him.

I agree with 2 points that are too strong and need to be looked at, EVERYTHING ELSE you can counter pretty easy. The mini mortar from Torvald eats the monster up too easy. Although his total damage is kinda low, it is easy to aim with and when it hits it hits hard. Since a lot of Hank players know exactly when to orbital for maximum damage Torvald players should too. A 100% cooldown reduction will force too shoot the shotgun twice + the disk before the next mortar. Maybe boost the shotgun a little bit.
Sunny does a little too much damage as well, either a 20% longer reload with 5% more damage or simply scrape off a few % of the damage.

Everything else is indeed a learning curve that people need to learn. You know the best counter against T4? Kraken… Crow has some real trouble getting the kraken down and his lightning strike eats players up for breakfast with Slim on the healing side. Another thing? Get your strongest attack on the shield drone, hit it once more it breaks after. Or simply kill Sunny, without her drone she doesn’t really do much. She only has the drone and cloak to safe, if both are down she is down. Crow is pretty weak, against Torvald, do not stand still, ever.

Just keep trying and try out different strategies with different monsters. If you really find it hard, try Kraken now and keep playing him till you can down them. From there on, go Goliath, then Behemoth then Wraith.


As a Monster player, the only thing I want is BHEMOTH NOT TO SUCK AMIRIGHT???


it’s just the first day though. we can’t draw any conclusions because everyone just got the game yesterday.


I like your trolling style sir xD


Heyyy Bob doesnt suck, hes actually a badass.
Right now hes bugged in a way that he takes double damage from everything, which means quaddammage on his weakspot.
So hes not bad, just buggy.
Also i still managed to win a round or two while taking double damage, makes me feel badass :sunglasses:


I agree with the title of this thread, posting “It’s the first day, calm down” is kind of a cop out when others are sharing first impressions or concerns.

Having said that…I don’t agree that the new hunters are blatantly OP. I think Torvald and Sunny might be a little too strong on the damage side but otherwise they are pretty balanced.

I actually think Behemoth might be more OP once they fix the health bug.


Same here dude same here. But he’s bad because he is sick with those bugs. We must care for him until he recovers xD