Can we stop quick evolves please?


Just had a game (got kicked by a session error, but I think that’s a good thing all told) where a monster had evolved at the 1:30 mark. Surely this can’t be an intended possibility, and yet evolves between 1:30 and 2:15 are extremely common in games I’m going in to right now.

@macman no doubt has data that shows this is still a minority situation, but minority or not… should monsters really be evolving before the hunters have any chance to find it outside of pure luck?


Yeah. This is annoying. Happens when you get a massive pack of food in one spot.


That’s the work of the feeding perk, even Macman was surprised that feeding speed perk is the most used and now you know why


It’s ridonkulous. :stuck_out_tongue:


As I said in that very thread, not surprised in the slightest myself :smiley:


Me neither, I was surprised that Macman was surprised


Apparently at higher ranks movement speed is used more than feeding speed, whereas if you include all ranks, feeding speed is used more.


I always use movement speed, it’s really useful, specially with Brohemoth and now with the small buff…


Been thinking about this with the Carrion Bird thread, most people are against it because it would let monster rush stage 2 too quickly. I think the game as a whole is paced far too quickly.

I think TRS needs to go to the bottom and re-pace a standard match to last more around 18 minutes, instead of 12.

The whole game would benefit from being slowed down a bit and one aspect of that is the journey to stage 2. Though to make this not a huge monster nerf you’d have to buff stealth for example.


I once evolved to stage three before the 3:30 mark. The work of feeding speed and pre-patch Wraith.


This is not related to the feeding speed perk. It’s mostly just knowing where wildlife can spawn and effective movement / killing.
I never run feeding speed and got several 1:10 evolves off. My fastest was 59sec (evolve started) on armory.
It’s just very lucky clumped up wildlifespawns. Sometimes they spawn late, another time you stumble over a tripple mammoth spawn.


I’ve seen stage 2 in under 70 seconds before, which is just insane. Basically 0 chance at all for a stage 1 or evolution dome. All it takes is for the monster to know exactly where the packs of mammoth birds tend to be. I’ve only ever seen 3 players manage it that quick, but they were all able to do it consistently.

Seems like lately matches for me have taken either 6-7 minutes or 20+, and not a lot of in-between. (The majority have been 6-7, which would be great if I didn’t spend 3-5 minutes in loading screens between each one.) The quick evolves have a lot to do with that. It’s not uncommon for us to be setting up for the relay fight by 6 minutes in, and that generally happens when we don’t get a good chase started at stage 1.


I typically use perks that make up for what I feel a monster lacks. Goliath has some trouble at Stage 1, so I use damage bonus for him. I am not super accurate with Kraken so I run cool down on him. Speed helps with Wraith and Traversial Speed makes a huge difference for.Behemoth


Funny JUST had a game like this. After I won, they were all asking me “how the hell’d you evolve so fast???”

I got it down to the point that I can hit em at around the 1:30 min mark or less.

Kraken spam, drop n’ heavy hit BOOM!

Goliath too, though that’s more luck on mammoth spawns


I fought a Wraith a few days ago that hit Stage 3 at ~4:28 seconds.

I was impressed.


I like the idea of slowing the game down, but do you think it could possibly hurt monsters who don’t want to stealth at the start?


Yeah, I’ve had monsters evolve 10 seconds after touching ground… It’s crazy, you can’t really stop it, if they get large packs of food.


Cap the amount of evolve meter you can add to in a set space of time. Allow armour to be taken as normal from eating but cap the amount that can go into an evolve meter in a period of time. This way sneaking monsters don’t get disadvantaged, but those lucky enough to get a horde while they stomp around map can’t capitalise so well.

Or, alternatively (since the above could cause frustration and confusion) decrease the amount of evolve meter monsters get from food, except for the amount of evolve gained from sneak attack meats. This should allow sneaky monsters and speedy monsters to be able to evolve at similar, slower, rates.


The first method is overly complicated for the players.

The second method isint a fix but a train-wreck. A monster can jump around madly to the food then press ctrl and stealth pounce & eat that food for double evolve bar.

The best fix for this whole thing would be to spread food around more so that there no longer are huge 5 pack mammoth birds at the start.

They could still spawn towards the middle/end game though mainly because by that time the hunters (If they are any good) would already be keeping constant pressure on the monster anyway so the ammount of food lying around doesnt necessarily matter.


So… they wouldn’t get double evolve bar compared to currently, they’d get exactly what they get currently. Also they wouldn’t be able to (for example) rock throw three marsh striders in one go and eat them all in quick succession. For maximum evolve he’d have to pounce one, kill it (slower) and eat it, then move on to the next, repeat, and repeat again.

But thanks for using such loaded terminology as “train-wreck” without thinking it through properly, really helps constructive discussion.