Can we reset are profile back to lvl 1?


@MacMan @SlabOMeat in the shipped game can you reset your profile back to lvl 1? I played the Xbox1 open beta and want to be back to lvl 1 to be at the same point as my friends so we can progress together. If anyone else knows the answer to this please feel free to share your knowledge


Every one gets reset to level one and also all masteries get reset. The only thing Xbox one keeps is the tier two characters you unlocked.


Thanks for letting me know, I couldn’t find the answer to my question anywhere.


No problem


You can also make a new my2k account and log into that to remove the unlocks.


Thank you for the info very much appreciated :slight_smile: I know you must hear this a lot but all you guys and girls at TRS are doing an awesome job. I’m super excited to play tomorrow