Can we remove the hunter movement speed perk?


Honestly it really isn’t fun at all when you’re trying to rank up as a monster but there’s that one team where everybody chooses movement speed and you can’t eat or get away at all. To me removing the perk or changing how it works in some way seems like a good suggestion to fix it.EDIT: also I just won a match as monster and lost 4 points wtf

[Possibly Fixed] My brother lost 7 points in ranked when we won

Uh. @Buckets_Sentry_Gun @ToiletWraith


If he’s trying to make this a suggestion, then it can probably stay. Might have to change his phrasing a bit and the topic, but it would work.


This is a rant, not a suggestion. He just said it’s annoying to get away from hunters with movement speed. That’s a rant.


Annoying is an adjective used to describe something that irritates you. He isn’t saying it’s the worst thing in Evolve nor being angry with time and word choice. If this isn’t a suggestion, then it also isn’t a rant. It doesn’t have a place, as far as I can tell.


@Sirlol do you want this to be a suggestion to actually remove the perk? If so, do you mind changing the topic and editing your post to it make more clear that you are actually suggesting the removal of MS.


Yes I actually do want this as a suggestion, I’m on mobile and have no idea how to make it something other than general


Nah, either keep Movement Speed, or remove it for both monster and hunter players.


Just curious, how do you know it was MS? They could have been using sunny, caira, or jetpack recharge. Just trying to get specifics :slight_smile:


Changed it to suggestions.


I’ve played the game enough to just kinda know when someone has movement speed or not, I’m sure you can do the same. Just experience.


I’m not going to bother moving threads into the right place anymore if the OP just changes it back to wherever they want…


Or, alternatively, they could have just been good enough at the game to keep up with you without the Movement Speed perk. I know that 9/10 times, unless we weren’t 100% during that particular evening, or unless the monster was a really good player that my team and I had absolutely no problem keeping up the monster players, and none of us took Movement Speed.


I have noticed before that sometimes when the op edits their post and at the same time, someone changes the category, then when the op finishes the editing, it changes the category back to what it was.

Edit: Nevertheless, if this isn’t the case, then please remember folks, always put your thread in the right category or let Regulars help you out if you’re confused :slightly_smiling:


Something like Meteor Goliath with movement speed perk versus hunters without traversal perk on map like Fusion Plant would be very interesting to watch. Might as well just make monster stage 3 from the start to save everyone’s time.


I’m willing to give them a benefit of a doubt then.


Don’t remove movement speed :tired_face:
That’s my trapper perk


Did the category of the post change again? I didn’t touch it and all I did was edit the post like Shunty asked.


Shredder changed it to Suggestions as this is a suggestion.


This actually raises an interesting question… we’ve seen numbers for hunter and monster damage, traversal/jetpack recovery times, etc. However I don’t know how much/how often we have seen numbers for actual movement speed versus the distance to be covered on maps.

If we are going to take the OP’s observation/suggestion seriously, it might be worth bringing in a bit more objective analysis here. For example, time taken by a hunter with/without move speed to traverse X meters versus the speed for monsters with/without move speed to traverse the same X meters. I understand uneven terrain, traversals, jetpack, sunny, etc will all change the equation, but flat-terrain-foot-speed will be at least a basis for comparison. I’d also throw in Daisy + movespeed into the list of numbers (as Squirmylookin notes, it’s a good trapper perk), as well as what happens when Caira’s speed boost is on… or how monster movespeed turns out when tranq slow or stasis are in play. May as well bring all those pieces out to look at them together.

With those numbers out we can then look at a variety of scenarios: for example how much the monster will outpace hunters in the normalized flat terrain case over X amount of time, particularly with X being dome recharge time. We could also compare that value against the question of how far the monster can go in any one direction on map ?? before they are forced to turn by terrain - at which point hunters will “catch up” because the monster is no longer moving directly away from them.