Can we remove feeding speed?


or add an increased decay perk for hunters?

Right now it seems hunters are forced into playing Sunny to stop monster players from employing the feed and run strategy. I don’t think the issue is with Sunny, but rather that a perk exists that shortens the time it takes to Evolve drastically. On certain maps you can get away with running feeding speed, and landing an Evolve 5-10 s after the hunters landed.


THat seems alittle excessive

Right now you can expect good monsters to pull them off in under a min ideally.


Which is insane, and removes the strongest stage for the hunters…


Well in monsters defense, not every monster can pull this off. Unless you stay in a lobby with a good monster chances are you’re not gonna see this occur too often.


Right. there are several ways for a monster to remove the hunter stage advantage, but there is no hunter ability, perk, or strategy to remove the monster stage advantage in 5s-1m


All I’d like to see is hunter counter-play to this strategy. I feel that this game has found a relatively good balance between strategy, and counter-strategy. Having something to this extreme is insane. I feel TRS could do a few things to remove this issue.

  1. Make larger wildlife both aggressive, and passive take longer to spawn.
  2. Increase Hunter speed for the first ~15s of the match
  3. Give the hunters a way to remove larger wildlife at a faster rate (making stage 2 harder)


Hunters can shoot a monster from any range to make the perk useless. Hunters get jetpack recharge to help catch up or climb and stop the feeding


My issue isn’t with the perk being used when hunters have LoS. I actually think it is a good way to punish hunters for not keeping LoS on the monster. My issue is how it allows for stage 1 Evovles before the hunters have a chance to do anything.


If you have a good trapper, he can still find the monster, and you might be able to catch the monster evolving and with 0 armour. I’ve done it before and we got half of Goli’s hp off.


On a map like armory (which this is extremely easy to do) it is likely you’ll land the dome as the monster is forced to back themselves into a corner. The Goliath will take HP damage, but he can also get strikes at this stage with relative ease (depending on the skill of the hunters). I just personally would like to see more counter-play to this strategy


Even without feeding perk i can evolve to stage 2 without the hunters knowing where i am and before the hunters can get moving when theu hit the ground.


I’ve never seen it pulled off without feeding speed. So is this more of an issue of wildlife spawns then the perk itself?


Nope. Actually wildlife is f’d up. If a monster heads right behind himself wildlife wont spawn in that direction for some reason. Only a few bits of wildlife will be in that direction until later on when more finally spawn


good monsters are not using feeding speed


If you use feeding speed, then you give up perks like Damage Bonus/Resitence or Ability Cooldown.
Essentially, he gives up fighting power for eating power.
Ability Cooldown all the way!


i rather fight an early stage 2/3 monster with feeding speed than a later stage2/3 with a combat perk


I’ve noticed this as well, from both sides. It seems wildlife likes to spawn in front of the monster, or common pathing for the monster. This may be a way to increase performance :confused:


Lead ravers to it


Really? They never spawn in front of me XD they only spawn with me after awhile


Yeah I’ve had 7 mammoth birds spawn in front of me once. Was a beautiful sight, but clearly a bug :stuck_out_tongue: