Can we queue for monster in parties again? Now we can't even swap to monster. (evidently it was a bug)



So can we have monster party queue back? It kinda sucks not being able to play monster against your friends and half my usual group stopped playing because of that change. And its a nice alternative to people who refuse to play monster and leave… which was the reason that feature was included to begin with.

Now whenever I play with my friends we almost always get stuck with a bot monster because someone who doesn’t want to play monster gets stuck with it, and we miss out on being able to play monster against people we know outside of customs, which is hard to get 5 people together for. We usually have a party ranging from 2-4 people, we play ranked when all four of us are here, but its never guaranteed that we can all be around for a night of Evolve with life being… well life. Now, since we can’t queue for monster in a party, we rarely get to enjoy half the game with each other and someone who doesn’t want to play monster gets the role 9 times out of 10 and leaves, sticking us with a bot monster and a boring game.

On top of this, now people who REALLY don’t want to play monster, but don’t want to go into ranked play without a group, get stuck with the monster repeatedly and are losing the will to stick around.

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You know, I never actually liked the fact that players could do that. I seem to be out numbered in my opinion but I saw it used a lot for trolling others.


Well that’s unfortunate. I never saw anything like that, but with it gone now every game I try to play with friends is a bot game or lobby simulator since none of us can play monster in non-ranked play if we want to. Someone who doesn’t want to play monster gets it 9 times out of 10 and leaves.

EDIT: And it was fun playing monster against my buddies… its how I learned to play monster.


I agree with this. The only reason I got into playing monster was when I was able to queue with friends and learn with people who would help me. I don’t enjoy playing Evolve without a group so that leaves me very limited in the times I get to play monster.

Now I don’t see myself playing monster anymore and it’s actually depressing.


All I see with this new change happening is people queueing in 4s and forcing that poor fifth to play monster whether they want to or not.


When did they change this ?
I played with friends last weekend and I swear we could have one of us play monster while the others hunters.


My issue is being forced to play against your friends when you’re in a party sucks.

It’d be neat if the party leader had a tick box where they could enable members of the party to play as the monster, so that if the party wanted to, members could play as the monster.


It was with the 2.03 update. I tested this with my group a few times after we noticed none of us were getting monster for a few days. We had one of us prefer monster, and all the hunter roles preferred by the rest of our party and the other players we got matched with. The randoms got monster every time regardless of who was preferring monster.


So I got some screen caps from my friends.

Xan got monster and promptly left the game meaning yet another bot match.

And in this one the guy with no preference got monster. Yet another bot match. Seriously this is really dumb. We have Four people who have monster as their preferred role, and because they’re in a party NONE of them can play it.


Can we please PLEASE let us queue for monster in parties again? I’m really tired of bot games because I’m playing with friends and the last guy usually doesn’t want to play monster (Nothing wrong with that) but before we could swap roles around and fix it. We had this problem when Evolve launched where 9/10 games were bot matches because of this. That problem was fixed and then it got resurrected and its making playing the game extremely boring.

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The way to resolve this problem is to change the casual matchmaking to one identical to the one we have in ranked. Monster’s get an entire seperate que for themselves, and I guess if you had a team with a monster player in it, they would join the monster que, and the hunters kinda just be extras.


Shouldt be able to get monster if you are a team of 4 premade or less.

If you want to rotate as monster, sure can, custom with premade 5.


And getting 5 people together for customs is unreliable due to life being LIFE. And as it is now, we have the launch problem again, where 9/10 games are bot games because we can’t play monster against our friends in UNRANKED games. Why should half the game be locked out just because I’m playing with a buddy or two? Why should people who don’t like monster be forced to leave and re-queue constantly because they got matched up with a party who can’t do anything about it?


Until it’s possibly changed, my friend(s) and I have a lot of success with communicating to the random player who gets monster. Pre-select, if any of us have overlapping prefs with the random, we’ll say “X will take monster if you get it,” or in the character selection we’ll back out of our roles and tell the player to take whatever role they want.

It doesn’t work every single time, but it at least keeps the queuing time down when it does work.

I do think a system with a little more depth should be worked on for parties that want to queue with a monster without hindering people who don’t want anything to do with the role. My first thought was basically what Btubnfj’s suggested: a switch that the party leader can control.


I’ll work with my group and see if we can talk to the randoms and see if it can work. I do hope they get some better system in, the one suggested by @Btubnfj seems like a nice place to explore, but until then I hope they can at least give us back monster party queue.


So more shenanigans. One guy prefers monster (he’s in my party) in the entire lobby. Only me and Sylbane are in the same party together. And he’s the only one preferring monster

Someone else gets it. This is part of the problem with this system. When someone WANTS to play monter, they can’t because they have a friend with them.

EDIT: And the guy who got monster left a few seconds later. More bots. Yay.


So tonight has been another night of Stomp the Bot…

Someone recently brought up that this feature I am requesting would cause boosting. The thing is with all of these bot stomps, I pretty much AM boosting. Free wins, free keys, no effort. The removal of monster party queue in 2.03 has caused a lot of problems and a lot more leavers.





Bumping thread as I recent matchmaking dev threads haven’t mentioned anything about it and it seems was a stealth change. Wish we could know the reasoning and discuss if it is final or can be reverted.



Any information you can give us on this issue?


So this has not been reimplemented in the current patch. With the matchmaking changes the problems aren’t AS bad, but I still can’t play monster with my friends and its causing people who don’t want it to be forced to.