Can we purchase/upgrade perks when we're not in game?


I was playing my first handful of games today and realized that you can only purchase/upgrade perks when you’re in game and the clock is ticking down. Really feel like this should be added to the store so you have the time to read and think about the perks you want to purchase/upgrade. That way you can spend the time pre-game deciding on what perks are appropriate for your specific character/playstyle.



Go to training and do a solo hunt. You have as much time as you want to look at perks and unlock and upgrade, and can switch to other characters and do the same till you are done. Also you don’t have to actually play a solo match, you can back out as soon as you’re done!


Like @TAYLOE stated, solo is your best bet right now

We are working on getting them into your profile so you can view your collection and purchase/research outside of the pre-round

  • Gertz


Thanks for the response. Glad to here that Stage 2 is actively being monitored and adjusted. Keep up the good work.


Ah, growing pains resulting from an all-star, but heavily-ridden UI department.

Respect. Thanks, awesome guys.


Thank you so much, makes it a lot more convenient :smiley: