Can we PLEASE see some monster variety?


I know it’s day 1 and people are win-happy, but I am seeing the wraith in over 90% of games I play. It’s not OP, it’s not weak, but it’s VERY boring to play against over and over with the same build strategies.

Sure, a good wraith player will keep me on my toes, but finding them is like finding a needle in a wraith stack.

I want to see some good Kraken or Goliath plays. I want to see someone go these two for a change, noob or not. Yes, Wraith is a pub stomper, but once you know how to counter or play well against them it’s just a dull rinse and repeat. I can just pull out Cabot, Abe, or Markov and know I’m going to be fine because of the amount of wraith picks.

Please, from a hunter player, give the others some love.


I have fought only 1 Wraith thus far. That is all.


I have fought none.


people will stop playing her soon dont worry people will get bored of spamming her and probably move on within the week


This was what I was saying in my Wraith thread. People want to win, they take wraith, then proceed to pub stomp. This frustrates people, they get disappointed and stop playing. Wraith is killing the community on PS4, everyone yesterday was talking about how awesome evolve was. Today, all anyone says is that the game was fun till everyone unlocked wraith today. It’s all wraith all day, it’s frustrating and driving away new players. It is literally ruining the new player experience.


Yeah, all I ever see are wraiths. Boring.


YO check the telemetry thread. win rates are even. the individuals havent came out yet tho i hope wraith isnt still at 70 tho.


Actually, I might just be lucky, but my public matches never had Wraith. I was using Kraken earlier to unlock Wraith for myself, but I really want to work with Goliath some more to see if I can get something approximating skill with him.

That and I have to finish Hank’s misbegotten orbital bombardment challenge so I can start using Bucket… :disappointed:


Wraith is roughly 50%. The monster itself isn’t my issue, it’s the AMOUNT of players that pick wraith over kraken or Goliath. It gets dull very fast.


oh gotcha. ehh your on pc right? i no for ps4 this is our first time seeing the wraith so its more like super flavor of the month right now. everyone wants to play her. even i had to play matches to get used to how she plays. shes unique.

i think after a month or so people will jump back to what they like most. I for example am gonna get elite kraken. then queue the behemoth release. EVERYONE will be playing/facing only that monster lol. just like moba games


Yeah, PC. I actually can’t wait for Behemoth to release because the three trappers are gonna have a fun time throwing out CC on the slow and large target. I also am a big fan of non-flying monsters because Maggie is my favorite hunter thus far (Until tier 4 trapper comes out).

But right now, after playing Beta and launch, I am tired of looking at this chick’s face.


Definitely seeing more Wraiths now. Boring as hell to play against, that’s all I can say.