Can we please improve Lazarus AI


I know we shouldn’t expect MLG skill from bot players, but seriously I feel that the Lazarus AI has the same programming as the assault class. Whenever I see a computer Lazarus, he is the first one leading the charge, shoving his bald shiny head in the monsters’ face. In combat he likes to stay 5-15 meters away from the monster it seems like.
In short I would like to see changes made to see the bot Lazaurs play more passively, staying out of the fight sniping at a distance only joining in when a rezz is needed. Atm too many arena games are lost because Lazarus is getting jealous of Lenny’s limelight.


All AI are stupid lol, go in a game solo and relay camp monster will come to you stage 2 full armor instead of going to s3 half the time

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Improve all AI. I am tired of going into matches with Bots and my medic going down because they wanted to fight a sloth. I swapped from Abe to Assault from Abe one day and Abe charged headfirst into the monster and got downed. Also a lot of the time if I hotswap to a bod mid-dome, they are no where near the fight!

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