Can we please have a dinosaur monster TRS?


Like seriously we have animals that look like dinosaurs and even the environments looks so prehistoric and ancient, having a Giant dinosaur monster would fit perfectly in this game!!! :smiley: it doesn’t necessarily have to look exactly like a dinosaur but an alien monster that’s very T.rex like, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that would love this idea!! Just the thought of hunting a giant alien dinosaur would send chills down everybody’s spine, it’ll most likely attract a shit ton of more people to game as well!! :smiley:


You mean Goliath? Already done!
Move along.


Goliath doesn’t fit the criteria though yea he’s a giant reptilian creature but he’s the opposite of what I was talking about, I (including many other people) would love a T.rex monster, goliath isn’t that.


He can be if you tried!..


I agree with Dracorex Goliath is reptilian in the way the Devs said that he is like Godzilla and King Kong. I want to see something like a big dinosaur like the head of a Trex and body of a spinosaraus. But make it alien to where it glows maybe green and has multiple tails for attacking and like the alien from the movie “Alien” it would have a mouth that extends out of the actual mouth for range biting. Just an example though. Lol


Exactly!! I love that addition, most likely it’ll be the only monster I’ll ever play lol


I don’t know when ever I think of Goliath I think of this not a dinosaur.

I wouldn’t mind seeing something more dinosaur like and less fish man like.


Would remind me of the game, Primal Rage. That would be awesome. Man I’m getting old.


those were the days!!!


One problem with a “T-Rex” monster. How does it climb? It doesn’t have arms (they’re too short to rely on for things like climbing.


they can give it multiple arms, or maybe it can climb using its jaws! that’s unique lol :stuck_out_tongue: