Can we please get rid of the intro movie with the loud music


Seriously, the sound blasts in your ears even though the rest of the game is on low sound and music turned off…


Or y’know just ALL the intro videos? I’ve never understood why that’s a thing.

That one is particularly irritating though. I’m usually on comms having a conversation while I’m starting the game, and then there’s several seconds of not being able to hear anything else.


The game chat needs a sound nerf it’s too OP.

No, seriously though it’s ridiculously loud for no reason.


The intro movie doesn’t bug me but the loud ass footprint part does…


Yeah that’s ridiculous too the audio levels should be more consistent.


I keep waking up my fuckin gf with it when i try to play after she goes to bed, i forget every fucking time, i feel like a stupid dick


I would like it replaced with the hunter introduction cinematic.


It’s called turtle beach headphones. Get a set, it’s literally a game changer.


Agree with the headset part except Astro A40/50 instead of turtle beaches


Do they have super human hearing you turn on when you need it?


Footprint makes me take my headphones off, until I’m loaded completely in.


U are! Play more with ur gf ! :heart_eyes:

Make the intro pls skipable. We all know what game we play, who made it and what gra-ca developer it supports most.


On the Xbox I just go back to the dashboard menu, it mutes the in-game sound. Ugh.


No split screen man :confused:


That and more


I may just have to try them then. That was the biggest reason I got my turtle beach set. That super human hearing just makes it too easy to find elusive monsters.


Yeah I listen to music through my headset and the footprint is deafening on the lowest sound option. Sometimes I forget about it and I end up having fucking ringing in my ears for the next few matches


Wow… Seriously? I thought I’d seen it all.

The intro movie is OP?

Just… Wow. No words.